Q and A

  • Do you use mods or custom content?
    • Yes, a lot. MCCC, Wonderful Whims, Sim Info and various ones by Little Ms Sam are some of my favorite mods. I use a lot of CC by Rusty, Peacemaker, Harrie, ONI, and Felixandre too. If you want to know about a particular item, ask me.
  • Are you doing any challenges?
    • I’m doing my version of the Legacy, 100 Babies, and SuperSim challenges–all in one.
  • Do you use cheats?
    • Yes, but only to fix glitches and for moving objects. I do not cheat money. This legacy is not proper “SimLit.” It’s based on gameplay, and almost all screenshots were taken as they occurred during regular gameplay.
  • Why do your Sims’ names start with the same letter?
    • To help me remember them. Sims of the same generation have names that begin with the same letter. The parents and their first generation of children both have names that start with A. Second generation = B, etc.
  • Why isn’t there much on the first, second, and third generations?
    • Much of their stories happened before I started this, but I will continue adding content related to them.
  • How do vampires work in your game?
    • Vampires are rare (1 – 3% of the population) and vampirism is treated as a mostly inherited genetic condition. My vampires do not have dark forms.
  • Do you use Reshade?
    • Yes. I also use Lightroom and Photoshop.
  • What packs do you have?
    • All, except Journey to Batuu, Werewolves, and For Rent.
  • How long have you been playing the Sims?
    • Since Sims 1.

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