The Fiers

Our Cast

From humble beginnings to opulence.

Asher Fier. In a word: megalomaniac. Asher wants to achieve the highest level of all possible careers and to rule everything from now until the end of time, but he’s not a king or a prince or … His background is humble, kind of. He’s doing his best to overcome this by amassing wealth and creating a large network of powerful relatives.

Adelise Fier. Adelise is Asher’s wife, currently. She’s a perfectionist who loves Asher’s drive, but other aspects of his personality piss her off. Like him, she wants to achieve greatness, but unlike him, she doesn’t care to ever work under a boss or to have a hundred children. Instead, she devotes herself to mastering many skills, being a matriarch (a tiger mother), and being the greatest teacher on earth.

Current Home

Household Children (4th Generation of them)

Pictured (L to R): Dawn, Darius, Delmarya, Dysis, Dyna, Adelise

Pictured (L to R): Dysis, Dawn, Dyna, Darius, Delmarya

Pictured (L to R): Dawn, Dysis, Delmarya

Dawn. The eldest child of this generation. A pretty tomboy.

Delmarya. A sweet, ambitious teen with undying energy and a serious skin condition that doesn’t allow her to spend time in the sun. Her father is helping her overcome her sun intolerance, so there’s no need to worry–hopefully.

Dysis. Middle child suffering from princess disorder. She’s self-confident and doesn’t take crap from others.

Darius. The only son of the bunch. He came off as quiet and unassuming as a child, but he’s proved just as capable as his sisters. Now, he’s outgoing and wants to become a celebrity.

Dyna. Darius’ twin and the baby of the group, but she’s like dynamite. A brilliant teen whose competitive nature pushes her brother to achieve more in record time.

Notable Others

Elmire Fier. 5th generation daughter of Asher and Adelise, currently a baby/toddler. Her father gave her a name meaning wealthy, famous princess

Aster Rose-Vatore. Asher’s favorite person and his firstborn. Aster is lovely, but intimidating to her younger siblings. She also married her father’s enemy and has a worldview that opposes his, but he got over it because she’s daddy’s favorite.

Lavender Rose. Asher’s first love. Deceased (old age).

Adlar Fier. Firstborn child of Asher and Adelise. Deceased (old age).

Barin Fier. Asher and Adelise’s son. He grew up to be a famous painter. He married his first friend, his “best friend forever,” but quickly became a widower and raised his two children alone. He can’t decide how much of his father’s personality he wishes to emulate.

Calanthe Fier. Asher and Adelise’s first daughter. Asher taught her the basics of investing and she became a business tycoon at an extraordinarily young age and married her first love.

Cora Fier. Asher and Adelise’s second daughter. Cora was born in Sulani and loves the ocean. She inherited her father’s looks, but is his opposite in almost every other way.

Chelsea Munch. Asher’s daughter. She has his fiery personality and was in a rush to move out and get married.

Star Broke. Surrogate? Dawn and Dysis’ mother.


Asher has fathered 17 children (9 daughters and 8 sons). 4 of his children inherited his special condition.

Asher’s experienced the life of a best selling author, politician, investor, and conservationist.

Fier Legacy

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