A First Kiss (Dawn)

Not wanting to let a disappointing birthday get her down and feeling better after a good night’s rest, Dawn woke up early, shook off any lingering bad feelings and went out to practice yoga.

She had a plan: exercise, then experience romantic love, start by trying to flirt again.

Dawn’s social circle wasn’t huge. Outside of her family, she didn’t know many people, but there was one person she’d seen around. His name was Aaron, and like Dawn, he’d recently become a young adult.

Dawn didn’t know what to look for in a boyfriend. Her dad wasn’t exactly a role model. She was the oldest of the kids in the home, and so this normal ambition was hers alone.

She invited Aaron over and he came.

She confessed, “I like you.” Because she did like him? It was odd, though, because she didn’t know much about him.

They exchanged social media.

And then she had her first kiss.

Dawn’s already thinking of marriage with her acquaintance-turned-instant-love-interest (not boyfriend), but it’s far too soon for that. She should meet more people first, enroll in university, and continue enjoying a normal sort of life.

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