Balancing Love and Academics (Dysis)

When we last left off, the middle child of the fourth generation, Dysis, was panicking about potentially failing out of university/being put on academic probation and how that would affect her chances of becoming a business tycoon in the future.

The mess started when she met her boyfriend and fell into a days-long love stupor, figuratively disappearing for a few days. When Dysis regained her senses, it was the morning of her final exams for the term and she 1) hadn’t studied for either of them 2) hadn’t written the paper that was also due and 3) hadn’t started on her presentation that was due as well. So she rushed around doing as much as she could.

Dysis took her exams without studying, turned in her paper, and finished her presentation—BUT there wasn’t any time to actually present the presentation.

Her two older sisters’ grades came first: A+, A+, A+ and A+. They had perfect grades. Dysis …

Dysis managed an A- average and kept her scholarships. She would survive.

Soon after she discovered her grades, her boyfriend, Rashad, called and asked her on a date because he called or came over (or did both) every single day. Dysis agreed to meet him at a cafe for a quick dinner as she figured it’d be a good opportunity to explain to him that they had to spend less time together. She was busy and wanted better grades.

Dysis greeted him warmly. Then, she tried to explain the situation: she couldn’t stay long, she needed to study more …

Rashad listened and was understanding.

They had a nice meal and talked for a few hours afterwards.

Then, they made out in the bathroom, which was unsanitary. But Dysis got home before midnight, so this was an improvement? Maybe?

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