One Americano and Two Slices of Bread (Delmarya)

Delmarya (Deli) was trying not to sulk. She told herself that it didn’t matter that she’d seen him first or that she’d introduced herself first—you couldn’t call dibs on people; they weren’t objects; they had freewill.

So when her crush began focusing every bit of himself on her sister, Dysis, Deli walked away. He clearly preferred Dysis.

She wanted to call the whole thing unlucky and move on, but maybe it wasn’t just bad luck. Maybe it was a sign that she shouldn’t date as a vampire. Eventually, any boyfriend she had would die. She could get another and then another after that, but they’d all die. At some point, wouldn’t losing significant others ironically lose all significance (or become excruciatingly painful), so why bother starting?

As Deli was brooding, her second eldest sister, Calanthe, called and asked to meet her at Lettuce Eat, a vegan restaurant. It was an odd request given that both were vampires and neither ate food, but Deli jumped at the opportunity because 1) she wanted to get away from her crush and Dysis, and 2) she was curious.

Calanthe greeted her inside.

Calanthe: I’m glad you decided to come. Let’s try something new, Lettuce Eat. Haha~ I’ve not had food since I was a kid, you?

Deli: I haven’t, but…

There wasn’t a reason for vampires to eat after puberty. Normal food didn’t provide any nourishment and it could make them ill.

Calanthe: So let’s try something. I think we’ll be okay. Only some vampires get sick from eating.

Deli: Calanthe—listen, I don’t know if this—nevermind, let’s just do it.

Deli figured that she could handle any ailment that eating caused. Calanthe’s husband had recently died and her sister was probably lonely, so why not do something distracting.

Yet, given the circumstances, Calanthe seemed rather chipper and she was generally more approachable than others, so for once, Deli decided to just ask.

Deli: Aren’t you sad?

Calanthe: About my husband, yes… of course.

Deli: You don’t regret anything?

Calanthe: Like getting married? I regret absolutely nothing. I loved him. We had four children. Living together was fantastic.

Deli: Now though?

Calanthe: I’m okay. I get sad, but I’m still able to enjoy things, like this tiny adventure I’m having with you.

Deli: But you’ll be without him for a long time…

Calanthe smiled mischievously, “Yes, but I had time with him too. For me, that’s far more important. But, let’s order.”

Both ordered conservatively as neither wanted to tempt fate more than they already had.

Calanthe ordered an Americano while Deli went for two slices of whole wheat bread.

They ate and/or drank.

Neither got sick. They had a great time instead.

However, Deli was understandably hungry as she’d eaten almost nothing and food couldn’t provide her with sustenance anyway, so she took out a plasma pack.

Still, the meal had been pleasant. Deli learned that if she wanted, she could most likely go on a date to a restaurant like a regular human, but before trying that she thought it’d be best to do another test run just to be safe, maybe ask Cabe to hang out? He was really nice.

Note: Lettuce Eat is a restaurant by Lilsimsie. It’s on the gallery.

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  • sims_Yimi
    November 15, 2021 at 5:32 am

    Calanthe is right. Choosing to stay away from romantic connections because you’ll eventually lose them means giving up on any time and precious moments that you could have had together. She’s got a very healthy, wholesome way of looking at it. It’s like that saying, isn’t it? How it’s better to love and lose than never love at all.


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