Vampire Population Control (Asher)

Asher believed there should only be a small number of vampires living in the places he knew and liked. These vampires should be his family and a handful of others. He’d heard that a long time ago, in a place where the now non-existent town of Moonlight Falls was, there had been far too many vampires for being a vampire to have any significance at all as well as witches, werewolves, fairies, and a “zombie” infestation … It was all too much for Asher; despite being one, he wasn’t fond of occults and wouldn’t stand for that sort of nonsense and chaos near him.

Thus, something had to be done about the vampire called Ronen Parks who was living with his family in a modest home in the Strangerville area.

It was unlikely that Ronen had done anything heinous to anyone at all, but Asher didn’t care. Asher had rules: Ronen wasn’t related to Asher nor was he anyone special, so he couldn’t be vampire.

Asher traveled to Strangerville, where he asked Ronen to step outside. Curious and maybe feeling apprehensive, Ronen’s family followed.

Then, Asher informed Ronen that he had no right to be living here as a vampire. Understandably, Ronen felt alarmed by the grand master vampire’s threatening, but he wasn’t going to give up his status without a fight.

Predictably, there was a fight.

As expected, it didn’t go well for Ronen. He was defeated and transformed into a human.

Upset and feeling unjustly targeted, Ronen stomped his feet and screamed.

Asher seemingly didn’t care. He had wanted the entire transformation to happen cleanly and without his own emotions getting involved, because he thought that’d look cool… but … Ronen’s yelling annoyed him, so he yelled back.

As Asher wasn’t the best or even good at understanding others’ feelings, he told Ronen that he should be happy to be human like the rest of his family. Ronen wasn’t dead; he wasn’t even hurt; he was just human, so he should calm down. It wasn’t as if Asher was going to leave him with a memory of the traumatic encounter, either.

The grand master vampire promptly drained Ronen’s life spirit, erasing his memory, but leaving his life intact.

Ignoring the Parks’ family, Asher went in their home to use their computer because he’d already wasted a lot of time and had a conservation article he wished to finish before traveling home.

Meanwhile, Deli was at home oblivious to her father’s actions, practicing guitar and thinking about her upcoming birthday.


  • Snow ~
    November 5, 2021 at 4:37 pm

    Ooh, interesting that the vampires consider spellcasters a threat, and that instead of going around turning everyone in sight they’re trying to keep themselves scarce to stay on top. Seems like Deli ust wants to live her life and isn’t interested in throwing money about like it’s nothing, like the others. Woah, so if Asher wants to whittle down the vampire population does that mean curing the weaker ones or just getting rid of them the old fashioned way? :O I do like how that ties into his conservationist mindset, but I can’t help but feel like it’s moreso for power than it is for any kind of natural balance. I wonder if he’s the type to use his eco-friendly work as a pretend moral high ground to cover up some darker agenda- that’s the vibe I get anyhow.

    I like that Dawn isn’t bothered about not being considered as ‘successful’ as the others because success is such a subjective concept that it’s practically meaningless anyway- and she’s happy within herself and that’s all that matters. It’s an original and sweet touch for a legacy.

    I kinda feel bad for Darius as comical as he can be because he’s clearly trying to fit in and do his best and it just doesn’t seem to be working out just yet. Yeah defo find a guy who is NOTHING like your dad Dawn, whatever you do! Yikes, Asher’s power-hungry nature is even worse than I thought. ‘Curing’ people of vampirism and then drinking them like cattle. It seems Deli is unaware, IDK about the other kids yet but it’s not gonna be good for them when they catch on.

    • Haneul
      November 6, 2021 at 7:33 am

      Thanks for the insightful comment. It’s much appreciated and it gives me a lot to think about. The one thing I can say about Asher is that he’s not malicious or a sadist. He also doesn’t really show the darker aspects of being a vampire to his family, not even to his children who are also vampires. There’s quite a bit of ignorance, whether willful or otherwise. So any intra-family conflicts are extremely drawn out (and this might speak to bad writing, apologies). To the extent that they will happen, they do not happen for a very long time because the gen 4 personalities are anti-confrontational. Regardless, you’re exactly right about Asher’s conservationist efforts not being motivated by a desire to do good or anything noble.

      This legacy is based almost 100% on gameplay (with things like whims and autonomy factoring in rather heavily), and pulling a plot from that is a challenge. I’m learning as I go, so it’s wonderful to see how anyone perceives each of the characters. Dawn doesn’t have a large role, but I’m so glad to see that someone gets her.

      • Snow ~
        November 8, 2021 at 12:48 am

        It’s not bad writing at all ^u^ drawing out conflicts is what makes a story more interesting! And helps with pacing too, sometimes I end up rushing because I want to get to writing the conflict out : P To be fair although I don’t write challenge-stories anymore, the game’s RNG can inspire some fun ideas you might never have thought of otherwise, makes the story go all sorts of places you never expected it to go.

        • Haneul
          November 8, 2021 at 5:08 am

          Thank you and that’s interesting. I’ve only read chapters from your challenge-stories so far, so I’m curious to see a non challenge-based story. I’m the opposite of a rule-follower, so even though I have a “legacy” and its based on challenges (100 baby, super Sim) it isn’t really any of those things because I don’t follow the challenge rules. I’m all about the journey and the process.

  • HermioneSims
    January 8, 2022 at 11:38 pm

    Hi! I’m starting to read your legacy, for today I arrived to this chapter.

    What to say, it’s very different from what I was expecting! When reading that this was a Legacy about vampires, I was definitively not expecting them to live in Sulani, the founder to work as an environment conservationist, nor them being so lucky with the lottery. What I was expecting instead was them, and in particular the founder, to be that scary, and this chapter on the beginning of the vampires’ population control really confirms it…

    I also like a lot the family dynamics, being a very uncommon family (very rich and competitive, with some immortal and super strong vampires among them) it was inevitable for them to have very uncommon “interpersonal equilibria” as well. My favourite up to now is Deli, it’s really ironic to found out to be a vampire when liking to spend time in the sun so much! Hopefully she will learn how to deal with it, and won’t need that death flower anytime soon…

    • Haneul
      January 9, 2022 at 4:09 pm

      Thank you for reading so many of my posts/chapters! You’re right – they’re not nearly as scary as normal vampires, but they are still kind of scary. I also wanted to see what Sulani was like so I thought it’d be good for them to live there for a while and enjoy the sun even though it’s ironic. 🙂 I’m glad you like Deli.


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