Though She Be but Little She Is Fierce (Elmire)

Elmire may have been tiny, but she was independent, allergic to nonsense, and fed up with her father monopolizing her toys and telling her how to stack her blocks. She knew how to stack blocks!

Because he’d been feeling sentimental and because Elmire and her education were important to him, Asher had not wanted to miss a moment of his daughter’s growth. He’d been trying to assist when she requested that he take a time out, away from her.

He wasn’t pleased when he left, but in the end he gave up protesting. After some minor self-reflection, Asher knew he needed to acknowledge that 1) Elmire was like him, 2) that as his daughter Elmire was 100% a genius who would figure things out for herself, and 3) geniuses like him (and his daughter) didn’t like it when others interfered too much with their work.

With Asher banished to “time out,” Elmire’s older sister Delmarya hovered just outside of her view while she took care of her business by herself. First, she sorted her blocks. Then, she got creative with some messy floor art.

Elmire followed the art project up with an animated conversation with an inanimate object.

That done, she decided to take herself on an adventure downstairs to the potty because going to the one upstairs was too easy. Her father had previously convinced her that, while convenient, it was best to avoid using diapers.

Everything accomplished, she climbed on the couch for a nap.

After a swim and knitting to de-stress, Asher found Elmire, who consented to being read to sleep in her own bed.

Once she was asleep, he couldn’t resist playing the violin he’d placed outside her room to further encourage her genius to flourish.

Later, Adelise meet Asher in his office. She’d been busy implementing various upgrades around the house.

Asher told her that they (he) needed to back off slightly when it came to Elmire’s education because she was smart enough to do a lot of self-direction.

Adelise was shocked. Asher back down? Really!? REALLY?

She was also pleased.


  • sims_Yimi
    January 5, 2022 at 5:02 pm

    I keep opening your chapters in a tab for later thinking “I’ll get to it when I have time between tasks!” and then another thing comes up and suddenly it’s the end of the day. But now my meeting is cancelled and I have a blissful hour of nothing on my schedule to exploit, woo!

    Hahaa, Elmire is fantastic! I love how she’s not taking any of her father’s overbearing behaviour right off the bat – I was wondering how Asher would handle a stubborn child that didn’t obey and it looks like the story has delivered just that, or at least something similar 🤭

    Lol leave it to Asher to explain what’s happening not with “I’m being too overbearing in general” but “She’s a genius like me and that’s why it’s fine to step back”.
    It’s a step in the right direction, though. Even his wife is impressed. Haha, very impressed, it seems. I still wonder how the two of them came to be together, and who Asher’s “first choice” was.

    • Haneul
      January 6, 2022 at 12:22 am

      I’m honored that you give me so much of your spare time. 😀

      Yes! Elmire is not part of the goody-goody group of kids that was the previous generation, or at least her personality is a bit strong now.

      As for Adelise, she likes Asher and that sequence was autonomous, but maybe this is the one time where he got a bit of a bad/unfair edit because they’re almost the same level of overbearing. She’s just not been as intense with Elmire. It’s likely because she’s more confident in her parenting and is also very busy. The house is huge and requires a lot of work. He’s busy too, but he has the advantage of not sleeping.


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