Not Uncommitted, Not Unimportant, Not Unserious (Part 2/2)

That evening, Adelise gave birth to a son, Evander.

Asher had spent Adelise’s pregnancy impatiently waiting to meet his son. Now, that he had arrived, Asher was ecstatic to see him and start teaching him all the things!

Ennik was much less enthusiastic about the little stranger who had appeared in her home. She sought refuge in Elmire’s room.

But Ennik decided to give the stranger a chance and talk to him because her parents liked him. She was normally quiet, but he was a phenomenal listener who could not talk, so Ennik talked to him all the time and quickly warmed up to the idea of having a younger brother.

Adelise and Asher took Ennik to a children’s park to play with her toddler relatives: Dawn’s daughter, Miriam, Dysis’ son, Theo, and Dyna’s daughter, Constance. Every toddler dressed themselves for the event.

The other kids were fun to meet, but Ennik liked playing with her parents best.

Adelise played with Ennik on a slide.
Adelise and Asher played Spaceport with Ennik.
Asher knelt to give Ennik a big hug.

Before they knew it, it was Ennik’s birthday. The Fiers had a small party at home where they ate a strawberry cake made with organic, vertically grown, inspected and approved-by-Ennik, impeccable quality strawberries to satisfy her tastes. Ennik also moved from the nursery to her own room.

Elmire’s dance club’s practice videos had been uploaded to a private account, but somehow, other people found them and for some reason, those people were interested in analyzing the videos and spreading them around even more. They ignored most parts and hyperfocused on two frames of Elmire’s and certain other clips of hers [which are in the video below]. The interest in Elmire was weird because Brett was the main dancer and in the center most of the time.

She didn’t understand what she was doing that was so wrong. She was just dancing as part of a dance team with other students and having fun … Why did that make her unserious? Why were people saying that she made them sick and that she needed to focus on piano and be more grateful to her parents? Of course, she felt gratitude towards her parents. The criticism seemed unfair. Also, did these hateful people know that all their views had resulted in higher royalties for her? They probably didn’t. 😈

After she spent far too much time watching her practice clips frame by frame to find the “unseriousness” that everyone hated, she gave up because she wasn’t finding anything. She reasoned that she was being randomly targeted due to her father’s unfortunately titled book and her music. She’d heard that being in the spotlight meant that people would say nonsense about you (which she’d already experienced a little bit with those who’d called her ugly) but it was hard to tell if this was also nonsense because people in the spotlight also often became arrogant, which she didn’t want to become, but it wasn’t always easy to tell good criticism from bad and “unserious” wasn’t “ugly”, but it wasn’t bad to be unserious sometimes either, so … Her thoughts were a rambling mess and she was confused. She would check with Brett to confirm that everything was fine because she trusted him both to know and tell her the cold hard truth.

For now, though, she doubted that anything was wrong, so she was going to continue doing what she wanted, unserious or not. She didn’t think she was hurting anyone and she wasn’t going to cater to people she disliked without a good reason.

Author’s Note: I have two videos (as always, please forgive imperfections).

  • Ennik’s Room (stop motion) – This is a short clip of her room, which is in the back left of the house and used to be Dysis’ room.
  • Elmire’s Practice Video – The practice clips focused on by those who left evil comments:
  • Mods/CC – I used a ton of mods/CC for this post, including mods/CC by KawaiiStacie (they’re outdated), Steven Studios, Modella, Felixandre, The Clutter Cat, Harrie, TurboDriver, others and my own shenanigans. I’m WCIF friendly, so please ask if you’re curious about something.
  • Britany – Britany is Asher’s great-granddaughter. I don’t control her at all. To be clear, I only control Asher, Adelise, Elmire, Ennik, and Evander.


  • Yimiki
    December 28, 2023 at 5:52 pm

    Welcome to the world, Evander!

    That toddler and kiddie playground looks fantastic. Ennik really is the adorable baby of the family, isn’t she <3 even if she’s no longer the actual youngest. I wonder what kind of person she’ll become when she grows up. Oh, and speak of the event, it’s also her birthday! Happy birthday, Ennik! Whoa, that truly is a room fit for a princess.

    Ah. Well that was bound to happen at some point. Poor Elmire. She’s famous for her piano, much-more-famous Asher’s daughter and a teenager. There’s bound to be interest in her, and people love digging in places they’re not supposed to. It wouldn’t surprise me if they come up with some fabricated scandal in the future just to amuse themselves, as that’s what gossipers do. Luckily Elmire is headstrong and not swayed too badly by the attention yet.

    • Haneul
      December 29, 2023 at 2:22 pm

      Thanks again. ❤ Haha – the toddler playground is an EA/Maxis lot on the gallery.

      A fabricated scandal for Elmire? Yikes. I would hope not and I don’t need any ideas like that . . . But just like you said something was bound to happen at some point. It’s almost impossible for someone in the spotlight to escape all negativity, so maybe it’s smooth sailing for her from here.


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