Carpe Diem: It’s Time to Dance

Today was one of those days that would inevitably feel like seven days in one. Within the next sixteen hours, Elmire intended to practice her performance pieces for the Starlight Accolades, do her homework, go to Brett’s apartment for lunch, have the final rehearsal for her 5-person dance team’s performance, actually dance with her team in front of an audience, and then dance some more at the Spring Formal. Despite it being the weekend, she had no hope of lazing about or sleeping in with so many things to do.

She woke early, drank homemade seltzer with a hint of lemon instead of coffee, and sat down at the piano ready to work. Elmire still had romantic ideas about sipping coffee at a breakfast table while the sunlight cast soft shadows through the windows on her as she reviewed sheet music in peaceful solitude, but that wasn’t happening just yet and she was hesitant to try coffee again. The chance of it leaving her energized, in a bad way, and with a disgusting, bitter aftertaste lingering in her mouth was too high. The seltzer was refreshing and subtle. It kept her mind clear and open to inspiration, so she would stick with it for now.

Her mission at the piano this morning was to double-check the details of the second piece she would play. A classmate had called it “a polyrhythmic piece from hell that far too many were deceived into believing they should perform.” It was famous, so Elmire had agreed that a lot of people challenged themselves by trying to play it, but she thought calling it hellish was unfair and untrue.

No one around her seemed to doubt whether she should perform it, but she had to stay focused because she didn’t want to “just play it.” She was desperate to do such beloved music justice. She would use her technique, musicality, seriousness, and general passion for music to the fullest to properly express the emotions of the piece. This was her opportunity to honor it, its composer, and everyone who supported her.

Unfortunately, her playing had begun to convey a sense of desperation in a few places. That morning she corrected the issue. The piano she would perform with was sensitive like Cocoa and had a light action, so she had to be extremely careful about maintaining control and playing each note as intended.

Transcription: Spring / Ennik’s Journal and Adventure Log, Entry #2

Good morning, Journal! I didn’t get to write last night, so I’m writing now. I’m going to tell you 2 of my plans for today, tomorrow, or a few days after. I’m not sure. But first, I have news! MY TOOTH FELL OUT! I’VE OFISHALLY LOST A TOOTH!

WARNING: Journal, I trust you, but I don’t trust others. If YOU are NOT Journal and you are reading this, even if you are in the future and I said you could, you must PROMISE not to tell anyone what I write. I am going to be honest about all my feelings and thoughts and somethings may be silly or wrong, so you cannot tell! PLEASE DON’T JUDGE ME. THX.

Transcription: Entry #2 Page 2

Plan #1 (Investigate Tooth Fairy). I’m putting my tooth under my pillow Saturday? night to confirm things about the tooth fairy. I’m not sure that the tooth fairy is real, but just in case they are real and mischeesevious, I’m preparing 3 things. First, night light (proven protection). The next 2 things I found when I researched how to fight off bad faeries, so second is metal (I will find something iron???? maybe a pan) and third is bread (or what I can find in our house that is similar).

Plan #2 (Ride Midnight). I’m going to give Midnight an apple and ask him (with body language) if he can take me on a ride around the park. I think he will because we’re friends (or almost friends). Midnight is gigantic, so he can go super fast, but now we will go slowly (no cantering!) so that I don’t fall. It is too soon for my first fall. Wish me luck! Bye! Love, Ennik

Getting on Midnight was a struggle, but she managed.

Ennik wears a helmet and cautiously rides Midnight through the park that surrounds her home.
Ennik gently pets Midnight.
Ennik searches a log for something.
Ennik looks towards the lake in the distance. The picture is scenic.

Elmire had met Brett’s parents before, but because it had been such a long while ago, she reintroduced herself to his mother and tried to make polite conversation. His mother said that she was happy to see Elmire again and she knew a lot about Elmire already since Brett talked about her “all the time.

Brett’s Mother: My son is smart and capable, but you’re not letting him copy your homework, are you? His grades have become amazing since you started at his school.

Elmire: No, we don’t have any of the same classes right now.

Brett’s Mother: Then, are you tutoring him?

Elmire: No, I’m not tutoring him.

Brett’s Mother: I see.

His mother smiled slyly. Then, she dropped her voice so low that it was barely audible.

Brett’s Mother: I don’t think it’s anything bad. He’s probably trying to impress you.

Elmire smiled politely, but wondered why he would do that because that was weird. There was no need for it. Before she had time to think on it any further, she was called to eat lunch with the rest of her dance team.

Brett wouldn’t stop stealing glances at her from the corners of his eyes and furrowed his brow. Was he worried his mother was telling her things he thought he would rather she didn’t know or was he uncomfortable about his home? Elmire didn’t know, but she was having fun being with everyone and talking about their dance, music, other students (What was Dominic’s problem?), games, Luke’s random hobbies, and many other things.

She didn’t want him to worry about her (if he were) so she told him clearly, “I’m having a great time. Thanks for inviting me.”

He was a wonderful friend and his place was clean and warm. His family was also friendly. Her home was bigger but there was no reason they couldn’t hang out here more often when his apartment had amazing vibes and a killer view of the most interesting part of the city. It would also be close to her mother’s new café.

When everyone finished, Elmire helped him clean up, told him once again that she had a great time, and gave him a hug bye, even though she would see him again very soon for their final dance team rehearsal.

At home, she got ready quicker than she expected, so she ran through part of her Starlight Accolades performance again and did homework.

Asher stopped by to explain her homework in detail to her infant brother, Evander, who didn’t speak in words yet. He’d taken a similar approach with Elmire when she was tiny. This wasn’t that weird to her. Her father’s tone was sweet, so she doubted that it mattered what he talked to Evander about.

Asher feeds Evander baby food. Evander seems happy at first but his expression becomes more and more skeptical.

Dress rehearsals went well, but Brett seemed uncharacteristically nervous, so Elmire tried to pump him up.

Brett: Are you ready?

Whether it was piano, dance, or even public speaking, Elmire loved performing. She was hyped and beyond ready to have fun dancing with her friends in front of others. The audience would give them good energy and everyone would have a blast.

Elmire: Yeah, I’m ready. I’m 100% here for it. Thanks to your help.

Elmire (cont.): This is going to be fun. I love dancing with you—I don’t mean it in a creepy way. You just honestly look amazing and you’ve made it so that everyone else looks amazing with you. At this point, I think we should trust our practice, enjoy the audience’s energy, and concentrate on having fun. Actually, while we still have the chance—before anyone comes and to make sure we don’t become tense, let’s dance around with Ennik. She’ll love it. She probably came early to watch our practice and do something like that.

Not much later, they actually performed (video of highlights below).

The audience remained respectfully calm throughout the performance and never let themselves get too excited, but everyone seemed to enjoy the dance. Ennik may have talked too much, which was rare for her, but she kept her voice soft and neither of her parents (or Elmire) minded her conveying to them every single thing she had learned about her sister’s dancing from watching them practice.

Anyway, the team had a great time. They had been able to fix most of the mistakes they noticed during practice and everyone had a moment in the spotlight. Elmire loved the parts where she led and the others followed, which reminded her of Simon Says. It was unclear if there would be future public performances, but they didn’t have time to reflect on that now. The night was still young. They had to rush to prepare for the Spring Formal where they would dance some more. None of them had dates. Elmire didn’t care. This wasn’t prom and even if it were, she’d still make the most of it. Since almost everyone seemed to be going alone, she’d have fun with them all as a big group and dance a ton with Brett.

Author’s Note: I’m still learning, but this video took substantial effort. I used a lot of mods/cc, including animations, so it doesn’t represent vanilla gameplay in any way, shape, or form. 😁 Most of the mods I used (and some CC): Deaderpool’s MCCC to change the 20 Sim lot limit to 40, which I will probably push further in the future, TwistedMexi’s TOOL to place things outside lots, Trillyke’s clothes for dance costumes, Kawaiistacie’s K-pop Star (outdated), Modella’s animations (based on Attention and ETA choreography for NewJeans and Eve, Psyche & the Bluebeard choreography for Le Sserafim), Steven Studios’ animations, Andrew’s Pose Player to start animations, TurboDriver’s Wonderful Whims to fix weird animation placement, Amellce’s Steady Sit, Ravasheen’s Side FX for fireworks, confetti, and party lights, and ReShade. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

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