Faerie Fantaisie

Transcription: Spring / Ennik’s Journal and Adventure Log, Entry #3

Hello Journal! I hope you had a fabulous day!!! I am here to tell you about 2 things that I did recently and about my ongoing research and investigations.

#1. Trip to the Spice Market. I went to the spice market because that’s where my Mom’s new café is going to be and where my sister’s friend, Brett, lives. (I followed Elmire when she went to his house.) 🔐 ⬅ BIG SECRET!😏 She doesn’t know I followed her! Anyway, I found some snow globes, collected some event posters, saw people painting and playing basketball, and made a new friend. I took lots of photos too, but I didn’t eat anything. Next time, I will be braver and try some street food? There are stalls closer to my house too, so I may try those first (even though it will probably taste bad). Main foods I like: peas, strawberries, and water.

Journal, I hope you like the snow globe pictures + stickers I made with the computer and put here.

Transcription: Spring Entry #3, Page 2

The new friend I made uses a lot of make up even though she’s my age. I learned from her that her look was “townie.” (I took a picture of her!) idk. I also saw people protesting. They seemed pretty good and I hope they get what they are asking for. This area of the city is really fun.

#2. Elmire’s Dance Performance. I went to Elmire’s dance team performance at her school. It was so good! It was coruscating (I learned this word today) and Elmire was pulchritudinous and luminiferous (I learned these too). Before the performance, I got to practice some with her team, so I could explain things about their dance to my mom and dad. For example, the part where they fearlessly tilt forward, but don’t fall on their faces means that they’re not afraid to try to surpass dangerous or difficult things. It was very cool. I like her team and they are nice.

Transcription: Spring Entry #3, P3

“It is meticulously noted that faeries, whilst endowed with myriad enchantments and capabilities beyond the ken of mere mortals, exhibit a pronounced susceptibility to certain mundane substances. Foremost among these are the common victual of bread, as well as iron and divers other metals, which are reputed to cause them great distress and to be anathema to their very essence.”

FYI. Journal, I made a copy. I didn’t tear the book.

#3. RESEARCH/INVESTIGATIONS: TOOTH FAIRY. I did a lot of research and read a couple pages from a compendium on the ethereal and supernatural. I want a library. Anyway, here is what the book says (quoted above). I do not want to hurt a good tooth fairy! So I put strawberry cake, which is like bread, an iron robot toy, and some hardware upgrade parts that I borrowed from my mom on the side of my bed near my head so that I will be safe from a bad fairy and, on the other side, I put my tooth under the pillow. A good fairy should be okay this way because they/she/he will stay on the other side.

I AM READY for a tooth fairy to come tonight!!!!! Good night, Journal.

I checked my spelling carefully today! I did not mispell anything. 🙂

Moments earlier, Ennik had done as she’d written. Under the pillow on the right side of her bed, farthest from where she’d be sleeping, she put her tooth.

Closer to her, she put things “which are reputed to cause [faeries] great distress and to be anathema to their very essence:” bread strawberry cake, an iron robot toy, and metal hardware upgrade parts. She also had her nightlight and a shinolite crystal she’d borrowed from her father. As long as the tooth fairy left her alone, she did not care what they did with her tooth, and with everything prepared, she felt safe to sleep and let the fairy come.

In the morning,

she noticed that a trade had been made. Her tooth was gone, and in its place were a poster, a certificate, and money. Her iron robot toy was also gone, but nothing strange had happened to her.

Transcription: Spring / Ennik’s Journal and Adventure Log, Entry #4

Hello Journal! This will be quick! I have RESULTS from my tooth fairy investigation!!!!

TOOTH FAIRY INVESTIGATION RESULTS (Is the tooth fairy real? If so, is the tooth fairy bad?): The subject I was investigating was difficult, so I do not actually have conclusive answers. And there was a hiccup in the investigation that I will report in a minute, but from the evidence I’ve collected the tooth fairy is likely real and gives good gifts!!!

The hiccup is that my iron robot was missing when I woke up. The tooth fairy did not steal it. Liliana came in my room while I was sleeping and put it away. I thought I would wake up if a non-fairy came in my room, but I didn’t. Liliana or my mom or my dad (he is very suspicious) could be pretending to be the tooth fairy. 🙁 But I think that this is just like a red hairing. Anyway, the OFFICIAL RESULT: inconclusive (see above), BUT THE TOOTH FAIRY IS LIKELY REAL AND NOT BAD!

BYE! I HAVE TO GO!🤍 By the way, Journal, can you guess what I want to eat for breakfast? It must be okay, because Liliana didn’t take it away last night~

Asher and Adelise were happy. They trusted each other, and talked, much more. To be fair, the early morning hours that they spent together while everyone else slept weren’t always spent talking,

but when they did talk, they delighted in each other’s company and were amused by what they perceived as the other’s unique way of thinking. Both were determined to hold on to their marital bliss for as long as possible.

Later that morning, Asher, Adelise and their two youngest daughters congregated in his office. Asher was busy painting, but he liked interruptions.

First, Ennik entered to ask him about faeries, libraries, and his work as a professor.

Then, Adelise and Elmire joined them.

Ennik was happy because she was allowed to eat her birthday cake in peace and Elmire agreed to help her learn a song on the piano.

As for Elmire, she was happy because the Starlight Accolades would be held very soon. She was ready to perform. She also thought she was ready to tell Brett that she liked him.

It was awful that most young relationships didn’t last, but what was much worst to Elmire, was that when they destructed they took friendships and often even basic decency and goodwill with them, regardless of whether they went down in dramatic flames or quietly petered out. She had to do what she could to protect her friendship with Brett and that included anonymously seeking advice online about her crush on him.

This was the response she got:

Dear Waiting in the Middle and Hoping to Leave the Friendzone for a Non-Fantasy Fairytale,

You face the age-old conundrum of risking friendship for love, a problem as old as time. But let me applaud your foresight. Not many young hearts are wise enough to ponder the longevity of their affections. To get to the point, though, you fear the fleeting nature of young love, which is a valid concern, as the annals of your high school are surely littered with the remnants of week-long relationships that burned too bright and too fast. But let’s not forget, even a supernova, brief as it may be, is a breathtaking sight to behold.

What you must remember is that every great adventure comes with risks, and the quest for love is no different. Whether your love story lasts a fortnight or a lifetime, the joy is in the journey, not the destination. If things do not go as you hoped, don’t worry. You will meet another. You’re young and your epic tale is just beginning.

Wishing you all the best in all your amorous endeavors,

Dr. Llove Lee

Elmire accepted the premise of high risks granting high rewards, but her friendship with Brett was not something she ever wanted to risk for a love story of 14 days. Regardless, she would reveal to him that he was her crush the next time she saw him because she 1) couldn’t control her feelings, 2) felt that it was the right thing to do, 3) wasn’t a coward, and 4) couldn’t hide something like this and have it not affect their friendship, anyway. Dr. Llove Lee had also suggested that she could try confessing as a joke and laughing it off if she were rejected, but referring back to point 3, Elmire was not a coward and wouldn’t play such an immature “joke” on her best friend, so she would tell him. The only thing left was to figure out the most romantic and simultaneously non-creepy and non-potentially friendship damaging way to do it.

The next time Elmire saw Brett would be at the awards. He was coming as her guest. That evening had amazing potential, but if she were honest, she would prefer not to have her career and the most important non-familial relationship of her life depend so much on a single night.


  • Snow ~
    February 15, 2024 at 6:18 am

    I really like how you write Ennik < 3 and I like that she feels so fleshed out and realistic as well. She's sweet and curious almost like Elmire is in a way. And I like that she learns little lessons and to try new things through her goings-out. Her natural childlike wonder sort of makes me miss being a kid. I especially like that she uses her diary as a scrapbook.

    I loved her investigative notes as well XD Oooh I see Adelise and Asher have some time for uhh…hugging! Yes, hugging… Intense hugging… : P They look so sweet together in front of the fireplace. Yes Elmire! Tell him tell him! TELL HIM!!!!!! I'm glad she's going to show Ennik piano!
    I like the response Elmire got. Truth is, friendships, romance, anything really it's the absolute horribleness of having to take the chance and see how it goes. It's the worst part of anything. Hopefully it goes well for her, and I hope at least if they can't be more than friends they can still be friends!

    • Haneul
      February 16, 2024 at 2:38 am

      Thanks so much! Ennik is fun to write and it’s fun to let her behave like a kid with big ideas who is relatively safe/loved by her family. Originally, I envisioned her as a very spoiled mortal child, but she rolled “angelic” as her first trait and turned out to be a vampire, so my original ideas went nowhere. I’m grateful for the interest in her character, because children tend to be kind of boring.

      Yes, intense hugging. 🤣 Actually, that was honestly it. Infants are adorable, but no more babies anytime soon.

      I want to write about a platonic boy-girl relationship/friendship, but I think for Elmire and Brett, that’s unlikely to work, especially if he doesn’t quickly reject her or if he cheats or something awful like that. I’m giving him some space to behave autonomously and I hope I don’t regret it. 😕 But he’s been very kind until now, so I don’t think it can logically go so far as him doing a complete 180 and turning evil.

  • Yimiki
    February 21, 2024 at 9:47 pm

    Peas, strawberries and water is not a proper diet, Ennik 😆 I hope she discovered some new foods before that turns into a health problem. Her research into the tooth fairy is adorable. I don’t know a lot of kids who put faerie-repelling things next to their pillows but also want the tooth fairy to visit them and reward them for their teeth. She’s an interesting one.

    Dr. Love Lee gives some good advice here. The joy is always in the journey. Fearing the destination only ensures that you never embark.

    I’m loving the creative letters and posters you make to show Ennik’s personality 😁

    • Haneul
      February 23, 2024 at 3:05 pm

      😅 She eats at least a little more than peas, strawberries, and water, but those are her favorites. Her family will try to get her to expand her diet further before she switches to plasma.

      I like how you think of the tooth fairy. I don’t think Ennik thought of the tooth fairy as rewarding her, but that she was willing to give/reward the tooth fairy with her tooth (for whatever the tooth fairy wanted to exchange it for) as long as the tooth fairy stayed a little away from her (faeries can be scary).

      Thanks for your comments, as always. I’m glad you like the extra images.


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