A Productive Day

The weather was cloudy. For most, this would be less than ideal. To Delmarya Fier (Deli), it was less than ideal as well, despite her being a sun-avoiding vampire. But it also meant that Deli could be even more productive than her usual over-productive self because she could spend the day outside doing conservationist work without worrying about burning to death in the sun.

After spending the earliest hours of the day working, she ran home to down a plasma pack. Then, she grabbed her homework and darted off to class, without even stopping to change her clothes.

After class, Deli showered, changed her clothes and immediately began studying alongside her sisters, Dysis and Dawn, who had just woken up and were still in their pajamas.

Even when Dysis and Dawn stopped to take a break (and get dressed themselves), Deli refused to put her homework down and continued working until it was finished.

Once her homework was perfected, she moved on to practicing guitar, which she was also very good at.

Meanwhile, Dysis was being productive too, not as productive as Deli, but as productive as a human being could healthily be expected to be. After a good night’s rest and, shockingly, a nice chat with her father, she was in a good mood, slowly returning to her old confident, unbothered self.

Dysis liked flowers and flower arrangements, so she enrolled in a flower arranging course as an elective this term even though she knew doing so put her GPA at risk, because artistically-speaking, Dysis was a bit of a disaster. But she enjoying working with flowers and had some vague idea of opening a small flower shop for fun in the future, so she tried to spend time improving her skills as a florist. Now, though, she knew her abilities were best suited for running a massive company, not selling her own flower arrangements.

Still, she began enthusiastically enough.

But Dysis got perhaps a little too into it. Undeterred by her actual skill level, she began tossing the flowers, trying to fancily trim them midair.

More often than not she missed. Generally, it wasn’t a good idea to play around with scissors anyway.

After missing one too many times she noticed that her arrangement was becoming a mess.

Fortunately, after some careful assessment, Dysis still had confidence that she could kind of save it. In the end, she managed an arrangement that, while not beautiful, could pass for normal.

Early that evening, when Deli’s work on a conservationist article was interrupted by her father’s island-wide energy saving policies (all electricity on the island went out at 8 most nights), the three girls decided to take a break.

Fire dancing may have seemed like an odd thing to do, but it was a regular occurrence on Sulani and as they’d spent their entire lives living on the island, they were good at it.

Even supposedly unartistic Dysis.

The next day was a holiday, Love Day. Deli didn’t have many friends and her schedule was wide open …

However, Dysis had worked hard today partly because she had plans for tomorrow—they weren’t formal plans, but her boyfriend called her every single day, so surely he’d call and ask her out tomorrow, right? It was a romantic holiday, after all, so even without official planning, he must have planned something?!

As for Dawn, she and Antonio, her boyfriend, would be busy with work and university during the actual holiday, so he asked to come over and hangout that evening.

They had a great time.

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