First Days in San Myshuno

The Fiers moved from Sulani to San Myshuno, and they were enjoying their new home. For example, Adelise and her daughter, Dysis, played many rounds of ping-pong on the roof with the city skyline as their backdrop. Dawn and Delmarya (Deli) swam laps in their indoor pool. Adelise also enjoyed cooking in their new kitchen.

But the move had been exhausting. The youngest Fiers (Dawn, Deli, Dysis, Darius, and Dyna), despite most of them being quite happy, were trying to adjust to a new home in a new city with a new climate while in the middle of their colleges’ academic terms.

It was a bit of a mess and they resorted to napping—a lot.

Poor Dyna, who on top of everything else was on Foxbury’s soccer team, collapsed from exhaustion once.

As for their father, Asher, he was adjusting well. He intended to begin a new career, but he wanted to let the megalomaniac in him shine before resigning from his current job as Chief Sustainability Officer.

In the name of cost-cutting and energy saving, Asher unilaterally forced the city to shut off its power for a few hours after 8 p.m. He could do this every day if he wanted, but he’d refrain for the economy’s sake.

During the power outage, he relaxed in his office, and by candlelight, re-read a tome about the greatness of vampires (like him, he thought).

At any rate, his daughters were used to this sort of draconian power saving and did their homework unbothered. During the power outage, Asher’s eldest daughter, Aster, who’d moved out long ago, also visited the Fiers’ new home for the first time.

Asher was always happy to see her and he didn’t hide that, but he did stop himself from being overbearing and smothering her with fatherly affection in front of everyone.

Instead, he snuck off to his office for a few minutes to privately celebrate.

Aster wasn’t the only visitor. Dysis’ boyfriend, devoted Rashad, also stopped by because he either called or visited her every single day, without fail. He wasn’t going to let something trivial like her moving from Sulani to San Myshuno stop him. Even if she had moved to an alien planet called Sixam he would have found a way…

This time he called first. When she turned him down for a date, he came over.

They chatted and hung out, playing video games. Was he clingy? Yes. Was it a problem? No, because Dysis liked him and welcomed the attention, even if he did distract her from her studies.

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