Happy Birthday Part 1 (Dawn)

Teen four of five and the only son of the fourth generation, Darius, woke early to serve his sister Dawn breakfast on her birthday. Darius decided to grill outside because the weather was beautiful and he figured that he could earn some “outdoor adventurer” credit for his scouting extracurricular activity. You know, two birds with one stone and all of that.

Darius took to the task with gusto. He added a lot of this, a lot of that, a chunk of that, a chunk of this …

It turned out to be way too much. He started a fire.

But Darius thought he could resolve the issue by staying calm and closing the lid. The lid would smother the fire, right?

Then, no one would know about this failure, right?

He could quietly walk away, right?

Or maybe not. You can imagine how thrilled he was to see three of his sisters panicking over the little fire. Closing the lid should have worked, but it didn’t.

By the time Darius realized that he should probably put it out with a fire extinguisher, Dawn (our birthday girl) was already on it. Well, Darius tried?

It’s unfortunate that he started using his extinguisher after the fire was out, but the grill was already damaged and continuing to use the extinguisher showed that he was making an effort and his effort might even make for a good picture for someone to put on Simstagram for him? Maybe? #hero.

As for Dawn, it would take more than a little fire to ruin her birthday. She still had her party at a club in town to look forward to, Peacemaker’s Bongo Kongo Club.

Congratulations, Dawn. You’ve become a (young) adult. As a child and teen, Dawn had been a good sport. She represented the dawn of a new generation and was an easy going child. Most of her younger siblings had stronger personalities than her, had surpassed her academically, and were perhaps even more favored by her parents, but she wasn’t bothered.

Dawn was satisfied with herself as she’d achieved a lot too: she’d been a top-notch toddler, a straight-A student, and a decent sister.

At any rate, Asher, her father, was eager to celebrate and Dawn was ready to explore what it meant to be an adult. She liked who she was, but she still wasn’t sure about a lot of things and wanted to sort out who she wanted to become as an adult after experiencing a lot.


  • Manny
    December 10, 2021 at 4:12 am

    LOLOLOL it’s decided, Darius is my favorite
    *starts a fire*
    *walks away*
    *the lid will smother it, right?*
    XD XD XD

    • Haneul
      December 10, 2021 at 12:31 pm

      Thanks for all of your comments. I’m glad you like him. He wasn’t the most mature or capable as a teen. XD


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