Day of Fier Part 2

After Asher gave his speech and tossed ten thousand simoleons into the air, everyone mingled.

Adelise and Vlad stepped outside.

Vlad greeted Adelise with enthusiasm and was likewise embraced. Vlad has a bad reputation, but none of the Fiers are intimidated by him. Adelise has personally beaten him up three or so times. It was on Fight Day. She doesn’t just beat people up.

Anyway, they hadn’t seen each other in a while so he showed her pictures of his family.

Dyna, though, can’t stand Vlad. That morning, before traveling to Windenburg, she boxed in preparation for seeing him, just in case the vampire tried something. She wasn’t going to be the first Fier to lose to him.

Anyway, inside, Delmarya plopped down next to Calanthe, Asher and Adelise’s eldest daughter. Despite Calanthe moving out before Deli was born, the two were decently close.

Deli: Do you have a moment? About being a vampire and about dad—I‘m not sure how I feel about things.

Calanthe: Okay, go on.

Deli: It’s hard to explain, but…

Deli: Being a vampire is stressing me out. I live on the beach and I’m a lifeguard, but I can’t be in the sun. I can only eat plasma. I hiss involuntarily. And dad—

Calanthe: Deli, you’re not wrong, but after you finish your mentorship, you’ll be able to enjoy the sun and eat food.

Deli: I thought so too, but what’s the point of being a vampire? So that I can live forever and flaunt the wealth I amassed like dad?

Calanthe: …

Deli: Well?

Calanthe: No, that’s not it. That’s just our father. Listen, I’ve never had such complicated feelings about being a vampire or about dad. Talk to Aster. I heard she had a rough time too.

Deli: Aster?

Calanthe: Yeah, I haven’t talked to her about it, but supposedly she was going to give up everything and marry a human or dad was going to force her to become human—I’m not sure. Talk to her.

Deli: Force her to become human?!

Calanthe: I don’t know.

Things became chaotic inside. Someone forgot to lock the doors, so the paparazzi let themselves in and started harassing Aster and Barin.

Deli slipped out.

Deli: You escaped too? Aren’t you cold?

Dyna: I’m fine.

Deli: Really?

Dyna: No. It’s cold. I’m freezing.

Luckily, there was a fireplace outside.

Aster traveled back to the house in Sulani with the rest of the family, changed into everyday clothes, and immediately started helping with the chores. (She really does whatever she can to be likable.)

Deli sheepishly approached her sister when Asher began coming up the stairs. Deli quickly thought of something else to ask.

Deli: Aster, vamp—

Deli: Er… Check this out? My beach flex.

Asher left. The sisters sat at the chess table.

Aster: You want to talk to me about something?

Deli: Yes, but …

Aster: We can speak privately at my house. Want to come over later? We’ll just hang out tonight.

Deli: Okay.

Deli was shy around her famous, adored-by-all sister, but thought she could impress her with her mental prowess and chess skills.
Nope. Deli was defeated.

Sister bonding continued. Aster joined Deli to watch an animal adventure film and was more into than Deli. How different from their father.

Despite being a vampire, Deli still got tired. She’d had a long day and she wasn’t as powerful as the others.

Aster felt for her sister.

Meanwhile, Asher was plotting others’ doom.

There were too many vampires and maybe too many spellcasters, but he wasn’t sure about the spellcasters. They didn’t show up in his database. Whatever. He planned to sort them out in time. But, now the vampire population had to be reduced.

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  • sims_Yimi
    November 9, 2021 at 10:23 pm

    [Vlad has a bad reputation, but none of the Fiers are intimidated by him. Adelise has personally beaten him up three or so times.] LOL Adelise instantly moved up on my liked scale for that 😆 Ooooh I wonder what the story is behind Asher trying to force Aster to become human. Sounds like a lot of drama happened before Deli became aware of the world around her.


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