Limited Romance at the Romance Festival (Deli)

At the Romance Festival, Delmarya (Deli) met up with her crush, Cabe. They’d been on a few outings together and flirted a bit, but, at most, they were friends.

Honestly, even though Cabe had seem interested in other things … he’d never seemed that interested in becoming Deli’s boyfriend. The last time they met, they went out for dessert. The dessert had been delicious and the conversation okay, but Cabe had dwelled on how much money Deli’s family had.

Before that, they’d always enjoyed each other’s company (with a couple exceptions). Once, Cabe had basically cursed at Deli and called her ugly, but Deli was willing to let it go. Everyone has a bad day? And then there was the woohoo incident on the very first day they met. There was no woohoo, but Cabe had suggested it to Deli. Bad joke?

Regardless, Deli liked Cabe and hoped to start something official with him.

As she was beginning to flirt with him, her younger brother, Darius, and some random person sat down with them. Maybe Darius got creepy vibes from Cabe and was looking to protect his sister, but she was an adult and could handle herself.

As for the random man, she swiftly dealt with him, sending him (and her brother) on their way.

So that left Cabe and Deli alone. Finally, Deli could confess her feelings? Except she didn’t because Cabe repeated what he’d hinted at and kind of told her before about her not being his type: she was kind of weird and too thin and not that pretty, but she could improve…

Hurt, Deli couldn’t look at him and only listened.

But at least one couple was having fun at the festival! Deli’s younger sister, Dysis, and her boyfriend, Rashad, seemed to be having a great time.

At any rate, at the end of the night, Cabe traveled back with the Fiers to Sulani, where he attempted to flirt with the youngest Fier, Dyna, as soon as Darius’ back was turned and the others had gone inside.

Dyna instantly rejected him.

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  • sims_Yimi
    November 17, 2021 at 6:01 pm

    I really don’t like Cabe. I know it’s partly sims being sims and mood swings messing with things but my gods, his criticizing everything about Deli is rubbing me the wrong way so bad 😂 You can do much better than Cabe, Deli! Don’t settle for Mr. Whiner!


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