Debating Firsts (Darius)

Deli had plans to meet Cabe at the Romance Festival, but before that, her family was going to watch her younger brother, Darius, participate in his first debate as a member of Britechester University’s debate guild.

Unfortunately, Darius’ debate opponent wasn’t showing up, but he still wanted to participate in the event by debating someone from the rival university of Foxbury, so he challenged his twin sister Dyna, a computer science student at Foxbury. The two had a history of friendly? competition, but Darius never seemed to be able to win. Now was his chance or so he thought.

He started out decently: he stayed calm, focused, and made his opening points well.

However, instead of listening to Dyna’s rebuttals, he began to fantasize about winning. Most of his many siblings were there. All would congratulate him afterwards, pouring on the praise, telling him how intelligent he’d been and how phenomenal his arguments were…

He was making a critical mistake, doing what so many idioms warn people about (counting his chickens before they’d hatched, drinking all of his kimchi soup before getting his rice cakes…).

He had no clue as to what Dyna had said, so he defaulted to a basic topic and argument he’d picked up from his father: money. Money is important. Money is great.

His teammates began to despair and his sister Calanthe grimaced, but at least his other siblings managed to keep a straight face or smile (but were they rooting for Dyna?).

As he rambled on, the audience’s reactions became worse.

Darius knew he had just spouted off-topic nonsense, but he’d hoped the judges were somehow convinced. The chances of such were unlikely, but it was possible.

His hope remained until the results were announced. He lost. Dyna won (again).

Still, she was his twin and they were close, so there were no hard feelings. He took a selfie with her to commemorate the event.

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