Only the Ice Cream Was Pure Perfection? (Deli)

It wasn’t a date, but Delmarya Fier decided to invite Cabe to a dessert cafe in Newcrest. Deli liked him, but she didn’t have enough confidence to officially ask him out yet, so this was just a friendly outing.

Cabe arrived in an awful mood. Deli didn’t notice it or his incredibly casual clothes at first because she was basking in the sun. Earlier her mother had prepared a special sunlight reversal drink for her, which gave her sensitive vampire skin four hours of immunity.

After Deli grabbed a table and the two settled, Cabe glanced at the menu, incredibly unimpressed, and asked, “What kind of place is this?”

Deli was unfazed, “It’s a place with delicious desserts.”

“If you say so…” Cabe made the waiter nervous.

He ordered vertical berry cake from the cafe’s experimental menu while Deli ordered “pure perfection” ice cream from the regular one. They didn’t talk much because Cabe’s bad mood was obvious and also because Deli was learning the hard way that even vampires shouldn’t eat ice cream quickly. But the food was good, so Cabe’s mood lightened and he began wanting to converse with Deli in earnest as he slowly savored each piece of vertical berry cake.

Cabe: Hey, your family’s rich right?

Deli: Yeah—She thought, What? Why?”

Cabe: And you’re already working in Sulani as a pretty high level conservationist?

Deli: Yeah, it’s amazing. I love it. I’m actually specializing in marine biology and I get to spend so much time on the beach and in the ocean …

They spent a fair amount of time happily conversing about Deli’s career.

Before they got up to leave, she asked, “Are you going to be at the romance festival tonight?” He told her, “Yes.” She said she’d see him there.

Was this a date? Maybe. She hoped it would at least turn into that. But could you ask someone about romance festival attendance without it being clear that you liked him? Probably.

Cabe left smiling.

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