Living Her Best Life (Adelise)

The matriarch of the Fier family, Adelise, recently lost a lot of weight. The process wasn’t 100% natural. She tried diet and exercise, but that wasn’t working as well or as quickly as she’d hoped. After eating to combat anemia? during a rough pregnancy where Adelise’s red blood cell count seemed abnormally low, Adelise quickly became pregnant with twins, and the weight just wouldn’t go away. Anyway, she ordered an insta lean “potion” from a slightly suspicious source. It was expensive, but it worked and there weren’t any nasty side effects. 

Adelise hadn’t been unhappy being “thicc”-er, but she liked her slimmer figure and has been exercising to stay healthy and keep it. She swims, works out to dance videos, and does yoga.

Actually, Adelise doesn’t just do yoga. She thinks she excels at it. Compare her to the other ladies in the photos below.

She’s not just been working out, though. She’s also been eating healthy foods. She can make zero calorie fried fish and fish and chips that are delicious. Her dishes are even super filling. She also makes a delicious super low calorie garden salad. Her daughters have picked up on this and have started making the garden salad themselves as it’s easier than frying fish.

Adelise returned from yoga to find her daughters Dysis and Dyna enjoying garden salad while Deli (whose allergies extend to food) wrote in her journal. Dyna was so ready to eat the salad that she didn’t even bother changing out of her winter garments after returning from her trip in a colder climate. Excuse Deli’s sunglasses at night—she’s sensitive to sunlight and overly cautious about her eyes. 

Adelise thought that she would grab something to eat and join them on the deck. The fridge was stocked with perfectly fresh and organic fruits and vegetables, impeccably fried fish, delicious garden salad, so Adelise decided to get… 

A slice of winter cake. Was it also a miraculously low calorie food? 


 Oh well! Adelise ate with determination while Dysis talked excitedly to Dyna about her passion for money. 

When Dyna left, Dysis turned to Adelise and began talking about another subject she was passionate about: herself. Dysis meant well, but sometimes she was a bit much.

It’s unclear if Adelise’s expression was one illustrating her hope that something would save her from Dysis’ going on and on about herself OR if it was one of bliss, because she had just eaten a slice of high high high calorie cake and didn’t care. It was delicious. It was worth it. 


  • Manny
    December 10, 2021 at 4:05 am

    omg i love the bit about “insta lean” potion from a “suspicious source”

    i will now forever think about the potions in the sims as sketchy, potentially scammy products 😆

  • Maice
    December 11, 2021 at 6:09 am

    I like the little details in this, like the sunglasses at night, Deli’s ‘allergies’, the relationship with dad, the weight battle for mom. I was planning to commend Adelise on her commitment to staying slim, with all the healthy food options and the yoga… but then, the cake. Well, who can blame her?

    • Haneul
      December 11, 2021 at 4:27 pm

      Thank you very much for the comment! Haha – cake is good sometimes too. We have to live a little.


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