Merry Winterfest

Merry Winterfest from the Fiers.

Without fail and despite his dark nature, Asher always thinks of his eldest daughter, Aster, the morning of a holiday. Parents shouldn’t have favorites, but Asher…

His daughter, Deli, isn’t as hurt by his zeal for her sister anymore as she’s grown up and doesn’t idolize her father as much as she used to.

At any rate, Father Christmas stopped by to drop off presents and many relatives visited, including Aster, of course.

During the celebration, Dawn grabbed her father for a selfie in front of the tree.

Gifts were exchanged, but the biggest gift was Asher’s gift to himself. Before traveling alone to the family’s second home, which he called a “retail store” for tax purposes, he recalled the art work in Vlad’s luxurious home.

At one point in time, Vlad had been the most powerful vampire around, but as far as Asher was concerned that time was over.

To Asher, Asher was much better looking and much more powerful than Vlad, who while looking like a cross between a gremlin and Gollum, lived in a spider-infested mansion.

If that kind of vampire could have a portrait, so could Asher. Asher decided that he would also have a palace. Staying in Sulani was okay for now, but soon it would be time to move to a much more opulent home.

Asher was rich. He made more than 70,000 simoleons a week from investments.

While Asher did whatever it is, he was doing, Dawn and Deli decided to tour the University of Britechester and the Foxbury Institute as they’d be enrolling in university soon.

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