Enjoying Change & Anticipating More

Asher was really excited about baby #17, so he took to sharing basic vampire, astronomical, and other knowledge with his pregnant wife every chance he could. First, he told her about sunlight reversal cocktails.

Asher: It’s a very simple recipe. There’s a single step: mix two whole plasma fruits with two bulbs of garlic, then drink. By doing that, a vampire can gain immunity to the sun for four hours.

Adelise: ????

Adelise didn’t know why her husband was telling her random facts she already knew and making such a big deal out of it when he knew she knew as she’d been preparing such drinks for their “sunlight sensitive” children for generations. He didn’t seem to have lost his mind, so… ?

Adelise wasn’t far along in her pregnancy yet, but Asher knew that at some point babies in the womb developed the ability to hear. It was probably a bit early for baby #17 as Adelise was hardly showing, but just in case and just in the much much rarer case that the baby happened to be a vampire, Asher wanted to start teaching things early, especially given how long it’d taken his last vampire child to come around to learning what he considered the basics of being a vampire.

So he followed his wife around and chattered endlessly about random things. Adelise found his enthusiasm a bit much, but endearing and definitely welcomed it. The couple even spent a cozy summer evening outside by the fire chatting about stars and physics and many other things they hoped their genius baby would come to learn.

Meanwhile, with school out of the way, Delmarya used her new found free time to explore her current hobbies and consider picking up some new ones: guitar, home upgrades/repairs, and gardening.

She even considered cooking, but as someone who rarely ate, she thought maybe not. Of course, her father would have preferred if she brushed up on vampire lore, but that wasn’t in the cards for now.

The others worked on wrapping up their current university terms. Dysis loved working outside in the sun, Sulani-born sim that she was. She would graduate at the end of the term and hopefully with a B+ or A- GPA.

Then moving out and marriage to her long-term boyfriend? No. Well, probably not just yet… She wanted to get a good start on her career first.

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