Joie de Vivre

Delmarya Fier was a sunshine-loving vampire who recently gained immunity to the sun. Despite this, the sun remained a bit terrifying—it was hard to instantly accept that exposure would no longer set her flesh aflame. There was also something serene and uniquely beautiful about Sulani’s vacant beaches at night, so she still found herself doing much of her conservationist work post-sunset.

One evening, when she dared to venture out at sunset instead of after, to photograph the landscape, some dude photobombed her.

They awkwardly introduced themselves to each other and then went their separate ways. He was a Sunali-native named Zachary Rose who lived near the volcano on Mua Pel’am. He seemed nice. Maybe Zachary could be friendly with her? Maybe he wouldn’t find her weird? Deli figured that since he lived near the volcano, where Vlad used to live, there was a non-negligible chance that he was familiar with vampires even though vampires were rare. But did she want to hang out with someone who was potentially friendly with Vlad who had a reputation for being evil? Perhaps—she was desperate for friends, but she knew it wouldn’t really work out with someone evil or mean.

Besides, Zachary was kind of cute. Deli was glad she caught him in a photo.

Meanwhile, Asher and Adelise continued their prenatal coaching of baby #17. This time the almost baby’s lesson was on chess. Asher wasn’t happy to have his losing become a lesson of what not to do, though. But if baby #17 was becoming familiar with his voice (and forgot the lesson), it was fine.

Afterwards, Adelise swam in the pool to relax.

Deli couldn’t get over the fact that she could be outside during the day in the sun without hurting. She loved it! It was amazing and all other wonderful things.

When Dyna asked for Deli’s help with her soccer practice, Deli jumped at the chance despite her not knowing the first thing about the sport.

On the whole, Deli was enjoying life and she was enjoying that she was enjoying life. She played games guilt-free. She even entered her father’s fancy office without telling him and used his computer to write articles on conservationism.

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  • Manny
    January 5, 2022 at 2:31 pm

    …i ship it, mostly for that ADORABLY awkward meet-cute


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