Things Are Still Great?

Due to graduating, her successful work in marine biology in Sulani, and her gaining the ability to bask in the sun without dying, Delmarya Fier (Deli) felt as if she were on top of the world. She even spread her joie de vivre to her younger brother, Darius.

That night, she went to Sulani for a bonfire and saw her longtime crush, Cabe. To Deli, Cabe was cute, always always, but fun only sometimes. He didn’t seem right for her; he seemed kind of mean, actually, but he was still Deli’s ideal in terms of looks, especially when he wore his lifeguard gear (and even though he unnecessarily wore sunglasses at night). When he offered a hug as a greeting, she couldn’t resist.

But she knew it was idiotic to hope for a relationship with him? He’d flat out told her before that she wasn’t his type and that she needed to become prettier.

While in Sulani, Deli stopped by the house where she’d grown up. It hadn’t been long since they moved, but she already missed that she could no longer see the ocean from her bedroom window and was feeling nostalgic.

She encountered the island elemental spirits, and they expressed their usual disappointment to her about her. What exactly did they want from her? She went to the island’s bonfires, potlucks, turtle hatchings, and other celebrations. She’d just come from a bonfire. She also spent hours surveying the ocean and working to protect its marine life. When would they be satisfied?

Disheartened, Deli headed back to the city and went out to meet other people, because the island spirits didn’t like her company and Cabe wasn’t for her, right? In the end, she ended up downing several plasma cocktails,

being awkward,

and annoying those around her.

She meant well, but she was apparently too weird for some, especially since her choice of drink was “disgusting.” Maybe things weren’t going so well, after all?

Meanwhile, back home in San Myshuno, Deli’s father, Asher, stumbled across one of his daughters writing her final final paper for her business classes. After he’d helped her sister, Dyna, with a final paper, Dyna had received an A+ in the course, so Asher thought he’d lend his support to Dysis as well, wonderful educator that he was.

Dysis greeted his approach and offer of assistance with skepticism. She thought she had everything under control and wanted to focus on her work. Sensing that his help may be rejected, he gave her his excellent educator pitch: I’m your father and a genius. Let me give you some advice.

Dysis: …

Asher: I’ve worked as a professional writer. I also succeeded as an Angel Investor—I know a good business plan when I see one.

Dysis: Great and thanks, but maybe we can talk more about this later, when I start my actual job, and after I finish my paper.

Asher: But Dysis, you should write about a new type of startup, a cafe that uses artificial intelligence to predict and tailor every drink to each customer’s individual preferences.

Dysis: Maybe next time. I’ve already started, and I’ve got this.

Asher: Actually, Dysis, you can start over.

Dysis: DAD!

Asher: Understood. I know you’re competent: you’re my kid. I’ll leave you to it.

Of course when Dawn sat down to do her work, Asher was back with ideas to share with her. Who would know that he had a full-time job?


  • sims_Yimi
    November 29, 2021 at 11:36 pm

    Oh my gods, Asher is hilarious. I would dislike him so strongly if he were real but here he just makes me laugh 🤣 “Of course you’re competent, you’re my kid!” Humble as always, Asher, humble as always. I still wonder what would happen if Asher and Adelise had a child that just… couldn’t study well. Or didn’t want to excel at things. Or wasn’t interested in what they wanted to teach. They both seem very domineering in what they think their kids should grow up as, and with.

    • Haneul
      November 30, 2021 at 2:28 am

      You’re absolutely right. They’re both overbearing. I’m not sure either can imagine one of their children not being good at things, but I think Asher would be the most likely not to care. Even though he has issues, he likes his children a lot in the game, and I think his logic would be, “You’re my kid, so you’re great by default. It doesn’t matter what you do.”

      • sims_Yimi
        November 30, 2021 at 7:28 pm

        Loves his kids no matter what and thinks they’re amazing regardless of what they do. Aww, that’s actually really sweet. Mildly dangerous, but sweet. 🤭

  • Manny
    January 5, 2022 at 2:33 pm

    awww Deli <3 we're all rooting for you to find love!!


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