Two More Out the Door

It is not completely unfair to say that as a young teenager and even as a freshman in college, Darius Fier had been a vain clown (#richkidsofsimstagram) who couldn’t cook without starting a fire.

BUT, while studying in college, he had matured—he learned to stay away from grills! He also became more talented and less vain. Darius still loves selfies, but he tried to erase all his embarrassing #richkid posts from the Internet (which wasn’t easy). Anyway, he had just graduated from Britechester University with a distinguished degree in fine arts and a perfect GPA. A+ was the only grade he’d ever seen. Deli, his slightly older sister, and the family’s reigning academic Queen, had very little on him.

Dyna, Darius’ twin, graduated from the Foxbury Institute with similar but not quite perfect grades and a distinguished degree in computer science. Dyna was just as ridiculously competitive as the rest of her family, but she was also quiet, liked privacy, and prided herself on maintaining a low profile.

Unfortunately, the twins’ separate graduation ceremonies were scheduled on the same day at the same time. To be fair, the Fiers skipped both and went on their short vacation to Granite Falls instead. Upon returning, they commemorated the occasion with a few fun graduation pictures.

The twins felt almost ready to move out. There were just a few things they wanted to accomplish beforehand. Darius wanted to 1) leave behind a painting for his parents that represented his growth as an artist and 2) defeat his twin in a game.

#2 was the more important. Darius couldn’t remember beating any of his sisters in any game ever, except he had beaten Elmire once, but that didn’t count to him because she was literally just a little kid. His other sisters (Dyna especially) did not seem to understand the concept of having mercy or going easy on someone, so he decided that neither he nor Dyna was going to leave the family home before she tasted defeat at his hands.

He may not have been as silly as he used to be, but he still enjoyed creating the occasional clown fiesta. In Darius’ mind, he was the protagonist who was finally ready for the challenge of defeating the final boss at the final battle, so he asked Dyna to play a card game.

He was going all-in.

Darius: Now, that we have reached the final scene—

Dyna: ? What scene? What do you mean?

Darius: Please don’t interrupt. Anyway, now that we have reached the final scene, you will soon realize that I am over nine thousand times better than I was before and that your abilities are like an empty insect shell when compared to mine!

Dyna: Excuse me—What?!

Darius: Compared to the deliciousness of my abilities, your abilities are like a strawberry cake without strawberries, without eggs, without milk, without sugar, without flour, and without butter!

Dyna: Okay…

In the end, he won! Was it a clean win? Maybe, but Dyna had hardly been able to concentrate or keep a straight face because he wouldn’t stop saying nonsensical things.

Dyna rose, graciously accepting her defeat.

Final battle won, Darius went to finish a painting for his parents. It ended up being a masterpiece #honest #humble.

Darius napped to Elmire’s piano lullabies, while his twin changed her clothes, packed, and went out to do the one thing she wanted to do before moving: stuff her face with the local food stand’s sweet and sour eggplant while it was still easily accessible.

Everything accomplished, the twins said goodbye to their parents and sisters and left.

These two weren’t going far, though, only to a two-story apartment in the fashion district.

Luckily, mom and dad paid to furnish it and coupled that with a graduation gift of 50,000 simoleons. #richkidsofsimstagram

Note: Thanks to freepik and antonioli for the fake social media template at the top.