A Wedding without Discord

Adelise entered the music room to ask Elmire to play a lot more quietly or close the doors, but Adelise became transfixed by the shockingly awful cluster&*#! of discord Cocoa was emitting.

As much as Elmire liked to play nice songs on pianos, Elmire also liked to play with pianos, which meant playing all kinds of things on Cocoa, including things that sounded different. Today, she was doing “exploding scariness” and “no” in various ways. It was hard to describe exactly what that meant or how it sounded, but if most heard her, they would say, “No! Noooo! Please stop that noise. My ears are threatening to tear themselves from my head. They are experiencing horrors that must be immediately forgotten and never experienced again!”

The dissonance was deafening, intentionally obnoxious, much worse than what the worst toddler violinist could produce, which took creativity and range that Asher felt obligated to encourage. His daughter would never win any awards for this piece, but… he could delight with her in its torturous dissonance.

Adelise couldn’t delight in it or even pretend that she did,

but what she could do was vigorously applaud when Elmire moved on to something else. As for Elmire, she filed her experiment in dissonance away to retrieve later if she ever needed it for a future composition. It had been great fun, but it also had kind of hurt her ears.

Asher was thankful that Elmire had stopped as well. He hoped that his head would soon stop its throbbing too.

Fairly late that evening, Rashad (very soon-to-be husband to Dysis) went to Elmire’s room to wish her goodnight and ask how she felt about gaining an older brother.

She felt great, because he was great and she shared her excitement with her toys.

Meanwhile, Asher lingered in the music room. There were things about the piano he intended to show Elmire and was trying to sort out how best to teach her. As much as she wanted (and maybe a little more if he could encourage her just right), he’d help her realize her potential or at least that’s what he had thought. But instead of him pushing her to learn, she was pulling him along with her at her blazing pace that had him off balance. Elmire had already been certified “creatively gifted”, having mastered everything that there was “for a child” to master about the piano and some other arts. To Asher, Elmire was an obvious genius. He reasoned that perhaps that’s why her approach to the piano was unconventionally curious, noisy, and playful. Or perhaps it was like that because she was still a very young child and no one had done anything to discourage the magical joy and love she felt for the instrument.

Now, though, his little pianist was sleeping. There was another daughter he wanted to spend time with.

What did he want to say to Dysis or do with her? Nothing, really. She seemed happy and healthy on her own. He just wanted to be around her, so he followed her into a room with a television and sat down beside her, trying to act cool/casual, while she played games. They chatted about everyday things.

Dysis’ wedding would be the next day.

The bride, groom, Adelise, and a few others arrived at the venue, a renovated barn designed by the talented DevonBumpkin, early to prepare and take photos. Dysis and Rashad also had shared a lovely and (unpictured) private moment where they revealed their wedding attire to each other.

The actual ceremony would align with Dysis’ name and begin at sunset.

When it was finally time, and guests had been seated, the couple entered together.

And with that they were officially married, but the festivities weren’t over.

The days of Dysis living with her parents and coming downstairs to meet Rashad for coffee or breakfast before going to her office had ended.

They had their own home now. Rashad’s family owned property in Brindleton Bay and the Fiers paid for a renovation by HeyHarrie.


Asher was mentally more prepared for this post-wedding photoshoot than he had been with Dawn’s.

Two more bonus photos from when they surveyed the venue beforehand:

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