Going Uptown

Elmire wasn’t the only one bullied. When the boy who was quickly becoming her best friend came to her house to play, he seemed quite down. Some big kid at school had taken his money.

Pondering his situation for a moment, she told him …

Elmire: !@$#^&%*… is what I said when he tried to rob me. The first time I had been shocked and cried, but last time I’d been prepared. I don’t think he’ll bother me again, so if you’d like, I’ll help you. Or I can just get him in trouble…

Brett cheered. He liked Elmire. He’d always heard that little girls were made of sugar and spice and everything nice, but experience led him to believe that wasn’t exactly true: Elmire was made of sugar and spice, lots of spice, so she wasn’t quite nice, even if she was sweet enough to take care of bullies for him.

The two friends hugged and then continued playing.

The next day, Asher, Adelise, and their daughters Delmarya and Elmire, traveled uptown to visit Asher and Adelise’s twin son and daughter.

Things went well, at first… Everyone talked and played games. Elmire was ecstatic to see Aster, a fellow piano enthusiast and her oldest sister. They weren’t close, but Asher always talked about Aster and Elmire was intrigued.

Elmire loved music so much, but music wasn’t something she had much success discussing with others. They didn’t seem to hear notes the way she heard them and she hadn’t figured out how to explain her thoughts on music properly, either, so most of her musical interactions felt hollow. Elmire was either showered with praise and quickly dismissed or condescended to and quickly dismissed. Either way, she was made to feel odd, so she’d stopped trying to talk about music with most of her friends and most adults. Having an opportunity to play in front of Aster, and discuss piano with her (where Aster probably wouldn’t dismiss Elmire after saying “you’re so~ good!” but would instead say something fun or interesting or otherwise nourishing to Elmire’s musical heart) had Elmire so excited that she was struggling not to jump up and down.

And Aster didn’t dismiss her! Aster listened to her play, exchanged thoughts about music with her, and filled Elmire up with techniques to investigate, specific pianists’ interpretations and performance styles to study, and hope that her musical explorations would be never-ending and magical.

Then, Dyna introduced her fiancé, Phillip.

Fiancé? Asher was immediately irritated and confused. He had never even heard of this person before. He wasn’t sure if he’d been clueless, missing obvious signs, or if Dyna hadn’t wanted him to know. His second youngest daughter was a mystery sometimes. She was quiet and private, which was fine, but this was a bit much. He would prefer to conspire with her on at least a few things, creating a father-daughter duo and leaving everyone else ignorant, instead of always being left out himself.

Regardless, Asher decided he was going to get to know this guy.

He tried to be polite, but he said a lot of things that weren’t so polite while enthusiastically asking question after question: Where are you from? What do you like about my daughter? What else? What else? What else? Where did you go to school? What did you study? What are your hobbies?

Asher: What do you do?
Phillip: I’m a mixologist.

Asher: No.

No? Before Phillip could think of something to say and before Asher could explain that his daughter liked sports and computers, not drinks (or so he thought), Adelise, who had been watching her husband stumble into utter rudeness, rescued Phillip by calling him over and sent Elmire in to distract her father.

Before they left, Asher wasn’t able to extract any more information from Phillip, but he did get Dyna to promise she would visit their home in the Meadows more often.

Recently, Asher was shown frolicking in piles of and kissing money, and while he loved money, and ironically also loved setting it aflame, he actually preferred setting his wife aflame. Perhaps surprisingly, it was people > money for him, and recently he’d been spending a lot of time with his wife. They generally avoided deep conversations, but they did talk and do other things.

So, anyway, that night when they returned and when Asher was thinking about his favorite “+1 or 18 or even 18++;” inside math jokes with Adelise, he was disappointed when she told him that she was tired, actually tired, and wanted to sleep.

He was fairly certain that there wasn’t anything wrong. If Adelise were angry with him, she would express that anger posthaste and clearly, so not dwelling on the rejection, he went away.


  • Yimiki
    June 1, 2022 at 1:48 pm

    Aw, Elmire is a good kid. Cheering up his friend and being willing to mess with his bully for him. They have each other – they’ll be all right.

    Aster is such a good role model. Everyone in the family looks up to her, including her own dad, it seems. I’m still curious about everything that happened in her past, with Caleb and all that. Maybe we’ll get to see it some day.

    Oh dear. Asher. Asher, be nice 😆 this is probably why she hasn’t introduced him to you before, Asher, because your daughter knows you and your over-inflated ego 😂 aw don’t dismiss him because he’s a mixologist. Bartenders hear the best stories, so if nothing else, that just made him more interesting.

    Frolicking with his wife a lot, eh? I wonder if that means they’ll be seeing a new addition to the family soon…

    • Haneul
      June 1, 2022 at 6:20 pm

      Thanks. Hopefully, Elmire will be able to stay strong in the face of bullies and unwarranted criticism. As for Aster, I think there will be bits and pieces of her past here and there, but probably not much, because I don’t have many screenshots from that time.

      I think Asher was already annoyed and hearing about mixology just sent him because he’s not that close with Dyna. He probably pictured her with an athlete or computer scientist because of her hobbies, and this caught him off guard. Phillip literally appeared from nowhere unlike his other children’s partners. Caleb may have been a sort of enemy, but at least that wasn’t necessarily a surprise (Aster falling for or feeling sorry for the “good” pacifist-like former-vampire was something he could imagine). At any rate, he doesn’t dislike Phillip. Asher is just rude and egotistical (which is a fine reason to be cautious of introducing him to anyone).

      Frolicking with his wife a lot, eh? I wonder if that means they’ll be seeing a new addition to the family soon…

      Maybe. 🙂

  • Snow ~
    June 3, 2022 at 3:11 am

    I do like that Elmire is so protective of her friends, she’s a sweet kid. This is the worst when you’re a kid and you have a big interest, but either no-one gets it or no-one wants to get it. It’s good Elmire has someone who understands, how she understands, music. I imagine Asher to be quite daunting to meet as a potential boyfriend or husband to one of his family!

    Asher’s reaction to Phillip being a mixologist was interesting because it wasn’t for the reason I expected. I thought he’d assumed that mixologist wasn’t a ‘good enough’ career or something.

    Setting his wife aflame, eh? Doing other things, eh? I agree with Yimi, I reckon there’ll be a new addition or two to the ever growing family!

    • Haneul
      June 3, 2022 at 11:12 am

      Thanks! You make a good point about kids with a big interest or exceptional ability in something. It’s great, but at the same time, it’s at least a little rough because it’s isolating.

      Because of Asher’s thought bubbles and moodlets and things, I imagine that he has a way of thinking that’s problematic, but in a way that’s a bit odd… He’s arrogant (and judgmental) but he doesn’t buy into certain maybe (upper) middle class? ideals/morals. He’s more likely to think X profession is better than Y profession because he is X profession or because his son is X profession. In his mind, people give things value instead of deriving their value from things. For example, if Elmire decided to become a waitress instead of a scientist, he would reject the idea that Elmire deserves less respect because of that choice⁠—as his daughter, others had better respect her and her job is completely irrelevant.

      Interesting observation. I suppose an addition to the family may be coming soon. 🙂

  • Ninja Pink Sex
    June 15, 2022 at 12:57 pm

    The more I read about Elmire, the more I adore her. Asher’s sage advice on how to handle bullies is being passed onto others lol. I’m not sure if THAT is the legacy he would wish to have… but he’s made his coffin, so to speak.

    Asher’s interrogation. Oye. Or is it a hazing? Good thing Adelise stepped in when she did, if anything for Phillip’s sake.

    The expressions Asher has throughout this story are priceless.

    Asher’s hobbies: Setting money aflame & setting his wife aflame. Go, Asher!

    • Haneul
      June 16, 2022 at 10:03 pm

      Thanks & yes, that advice is part of Asher’s legacy… He strikes me as the attention-seeking type, so having a legacy/effect of any sort is good.

      Half-friendly conversation and half-hazing, but he’s sworn off physically fighting his children’s significant others after the first time because even though he won, he lost (he lost reputation, good relationship with his family…). He was a feral one. 😐

      • Ninja Pink Sex
        July 17, 2022 at 2:50 am

        I never thought of Asher’s advice like this, but now I see how it benefits Asher and works well for his personality (not to say it didn’t regardless but I like your explanation).

        Hahaha he’s just being a protective father 😉 At least he is learning that his actions have consequences. Some men never learn, so kudos to Asher!


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