Apparently, He Is “Rich Rich”

The bills rolled in.

The Fiers owed 66,717 simoleons, which Asher paid immediately, without breaking a sweat.

He was still “rich rich” and he was going to continue spending hundreds of thousands (for the sake of the economy). Of course, he expected his family’s quarterly cash flow to be negative, but he was still confident that everything would work out because he was an expert at generating income without even resorting to growing counterfeit cash, engaging in money laundering via Trendi, “cheating”, or doing any other shady thing to which his family would likely object.

Instead, he used his artistic brilliance to create excellent works

 Asher's inventory showing his painting with a selling price of 27,288 simoleons.

and actual masterpieces.

He wrote books too. They were often best sellers. For example, he’d recently finished Raising Geniuses.

Expose yourself to the unconventional parenting strategies of Asher Fier, a father who doesn’t simply raise children, but who also cultivates genius prodigies. Imagine a home of wealth with rooms of glittering gold where every child reads Etude in Double Stops and Other Fancy Things by Peter No Hau, studies physics university course books and discusses math in binary code, where every toddler is top-notch, and where infants listen to classical music at precisely 55.7 decibels. This book is a hilarious rollercoaster ride of radical parenting techniques and anecdotes that will leave you wondering whether to laugh, gasp, or start searching for a grand piano and toddler-sized lab coats.

Genres: Memoir, Non-Fiction, Self-Help, Personal Development, Productivity, Satire, Humor

Description from the back of Raising Geniuses (written by Asher’s publisher)

Speaking of geniuses, Elmire had just begun high school, but the school was already willing to let her graduate.

A Sims 4 notification, "Elmire is performing superbly! She can graduate early if she talks to the principal or use the computer."

Adelise and Asher decided that Elmire was still too young for university and that it would be best if she continued going to high school, where she could be with friends closer to her in age (instead of trying to fit in with the young adults at university), and experience the joys and perhaps sorrows of being a “normal” teenager for at least a bit longer. She could still gain advanced skills in high school and take days off for piano where necessary.

Elmire wasn’t in any hurry to graduate either. In particular, she liked sharing a school with Brett. It was easy to find him after class and invite him over as her “friend/classmate,” which she did and hoped to continue doing for a long time.

A Sims 4 UI pop-up asked, "Should Elmire invite over classmate Brett?"

Besides if she graduated now, Brett and the rest of her high school friends would miss her.

When he came over, they ate snacks, considered doing homework, and went outside to sit on the swings to talk and watch Midnight.

Unfortunately, Brett couldn’t stay long because Elmire needed to practice piano, work on her singing voice, finish her homework, play with her little sister, and do other things.

Meanwhile, Deli spent the day in Sulani surveying ocean wildlife and collecting water samples. In her opinion, her job was the best job. It was challenging, fun and located in her favorite place (i.e., Sulani, the most beautiful place, the best place for her).

After work, she relaxed with her boyfriend and fellow Sulani enthusiast, Zach.

Feeling annoyed about how little time he spent with Elmire at school and that he had taken another L that afternoon with how quickly he’d left her house, Brett decided to reach out to her again that same day. He reasoned that friends should spend proper amounts of time together. He could also show her that he wasn’t a loser who always played it safe.

A Sims 4 UI pop-up with Brett asking, "That new super scary rated R movie came out last weekend, we were going to sneak in and watch it tonight."

Flustered, Elmire stopped working on her music and immediately replied, “OK.” It was after 10 p.m., so kind of late, but life was for living and she’d never been invited to see a scary rated R movie before. She’d ask her dad if she could go. He was in his office writing letters of recommendation for his students

or so he had said.

Elmire: Can I go to the movies with Brett and some others?

Asher: When? What movie?

Elmire: Now. It’s a scary movie.

Asher: …

Elmire: Please.

Asher: Sure, have fun. Let me know when you get there.

Elmire: Thanks! I’ll see you when I get back!

Adelise was deep into her third trimester and her food cravings had mostly disappeared, but not completely, so even though it was late and she should have been sleeping, she grabbed a snack and went to see what her husband was doing.

Adelise: Do you know if Elmire was really tired today? She went to bed without saying goodnight.

Asher: She’s not in bed. She went to see a horror film with Brett.

Adelise: But … it’s midnight. She has school tomorrow.

Asher: I let her go because it’s okay to let her make mistakes. She likes to manage her own affairs and she’s stubborn. It’s just one night—I didn’t want to argue with her. If it was a bad idea, she’ll find out first-hand and she won’t want to go out late on a school night again.

Adelise: You could have at least reminded her that the movie finishes after midnight and that she’ll likely be uncomfortable and tired tomorrow. She’s still a kid who needs guidance. Also, if she went to see the movie I’m thinking of, I don’t think she’s old enough to get in without a parent …

Asher felt bad, and he felt worse when Elmire returned after 1 a.m. She was falling asleep while struggling to finish her homework.

Asher: Do you need any help?

Elmire: No, I’m finished. I’m going to bed now. The movie was great, by the way. Thanks for letting me go. I love you, Dad. Goodnight.

The movie had been amazing! They saw it in a 4D theater, so the screen was normal but they could feel wind move across the backs of their necks as the villain snuck up behind his potential victims and smell gasoline before on-screen explosions—on the other hand, she was so tired she kind of regretted not waiting until the weekend to see it, but c’est la vie.

Even though she was exhausted, she wasn’t that exhausted. She still felt creeped out. Before going to bed and to ensure she wouldn’t get caught like those dumb teens in the movie, she checked behind and under everything and slept with the lights on.

Author’s Notes:

  • Elmire started high school on Monday. By Tuesday, she could graduate. What is this? 🤣I want to play the high school pack. She only went once. I built an entire high school! For now, she won’t graduate early.
  • The screenshots of Deli diving don’t represent legit gameplay. I miss having her in Sulani and wanted pretty screenshots.


  • Yimiki
    December 28, 2023 at 5:39 pm

    Merry belated Christmas!
    Yup, that is “rich rich” alright 😆 His book Raising Geniuses made me laugh. Never change, Asher. Never change. Whoa, if your grades are high enough, the game gives you the option to graduate immediately? That can’t be right xD Actually, I guess that’s in line with what happens to prodigies in the real world, but I’m glad that Asher and Adelise aren’t forcing her to perform above what Elmire herself is comfortable with. Developing social skills is just as important as developing mental ones.

    Deli looks so incredibly happy <3

    Haha, I remember going to 4d movies. The best one so far sprayed actual water droplets and even had flames going across the ceiling. They’re fantastic.

    • Haneul
      December 29, 2023 at 1:53 pm

      Merry belated Christmas to you too! Happy New Year as well! 🙂 Thanks for the comments. I think Elmire was a bit too proactive about doing things to boost her grades before school started (HW, extra credit, school project) on top of coming in with good traits, which resulted in the HS trying to make her graduate on the second day.

      A theater with flames on the ceiling? Wow. Sounds fun. Unless my memory is wrong, I don’t think any theater I’ve ever been to has had that kind of intense effect.


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