Everything Will Be Okay

The Fiers’ finances were okay—maybe, but Asher had to be careful to ensure that one misguided, power-tripping “neighborhood action plan” inspector could not get their electricity and water turned off, even if that inspector demanded enormous penalties and the Fiers had to pay astronomically high bills.

Misguided inspector demanding around 10,000 simoleons as a penalty. This amount is “okay.” 50,000 would be less so, but Asher was confident? in his ability to pay any penalty.

The main Fier residence was huge. It had 9 bedrooms, an indoor pool, a sauna, a gym, an art room, a music room … Regardless, Asher felt that he, himself, was good for the environment (and the economy and humanity) because 1) he provided a free place for others to live (he rescued two horses), 2) he and his home created jobs including for butlers, ranch hands and gardeners, 3) he stimulated the economy by regularly spending enormous amounts of money and 4) his non-meat-based diet gave him a lower carbon footprint.

Asher being a vampire.

Anyway, in order for him to achieve his goals, including keeping the power and water on, he needed to continue both making and spending a lot of money.

This season about 57,000 simoleons had been spent renovating the greenhouse and creating stables. Other money that he didn’t care to account for had been spent on minor renovations, and he expected to spend significantly more than 57,000 simoleons preparing his daughter Ennik’s childhood bedroom. The current season, winter, was already a lost cause and the first quarter of spring looked like it also would be a lost cause, but everything would actually be okay because he was 100% definitely going to minimize the losses. He had a plan that was going to work without his wife’s “help.” Her “help” would likely result in her taking over and him being asked to cut back his hobbies.

Hobby #2: Making it rain (i.e., tossing bills on the floor or outside on the ground and never picking them up).

It bothered him that the basement had a functional aesthetic, but he was going to stick to his plan and space out the spending, so he would accept the basement as it was for now and settle for a new ceiling and artwork in the dining room—maybe.

Asher was curious about Midnight, one of the rescued horses.

He had been practicing having empathy forever, but in this case “practice makes perfect” was a fantasy, a cruel lie. Recently, it’d been pointed out to him—again, several times—that he lacked empathy. Not wanting Midnight to have an awful first impression, he’d spent some time trying to be friendly and getting to know the horse.

Now, he spoke to Midnight directly, “I want—Nevermind, but would you like it if we went on a ride?” Shockingly, Midnight seemed to both understand and like Asher.

Asher had overestimated his abilities at horse riding, but Midnight was gracious and careful enough to make sure he stayed on.

Deli spent time with Meridian.

Deli brushed Meridian, a white horse.
Deli offered Meridian an apple.

It was New Year’s Eve. The Fiers and friends traveled to Peacemaker’s Bongo Kongo Club for celebrations, where they raised glasses to one another, a year well spent, and the future.

Adelise watched and was happy to see her family happy, but she did not drink or raise a glass of anything other than water.

Lots of toasts were given, including some by Elmire’s closest friends, Brett and Britany. Inspired by Asher, Brett raised his glass.

Brett: May our next year be filled with less “nuh” moments and more “YaaASSSS” moments.

Britany: Ha. Ha. You are so clever and funny.

Brett: Okay, then seriously—May our crushes notice us, our homework disappear, and our playlists never skip a beat. Let’s go! Cheers! Toast to our teenage glow-ups!

Britany: That was better. Cheers! I’ve got a silly one for fun. May our WiFi never waver, our selfies always slay, and our batteries never die!

Brett: I’ve got one for Elmire! May our scales be perfect, our recitals flawless, and our passion never flat! Cheers! 🎹🥂🎶

Britany: Let’s go~

It was a tradition to exchange affection with those you liked immediately after ringing in the New Year. Brett wasn’t sure who he wanted to greet first or how to greet them. There was Deli, who was very pretty, very kind, very smart and had been his toddlerhood crush from before he understood about crushes or ages … There was Britany, his closest friend at school … There was Elmire, who was a bit younger, but his best friend …

He made his decision.

4 … 3 … 2 … 1 … Happy New Year!

Elmire caught her parents’ PDA, but whatever, it was kind of cute to her. A kiss seemed nice. She’d gotten a hug from her best friend. If he had tried to kiss her—she didn’t know. She didn’t want to think about it. They were friends! They were going to have a great year together as friends! 🥂🎉🤪

Asher and Adelise were also friends, but they were friends who were married, friends who had recently confessed to loving each other, friends who were optimistic about the future, and friends whose optimism was echoed by a new heartbeat. They were currently expecting another baby, baby #19.

Author’s Note (explaining the Fiers’ finances): I do not play with money trees, Trendi, traits that block bills/make services free or have my Sims plant tons of only the most expensive plants, so they can’t make money in those ways. I also play very slowly (literally, not by using long life spans). Each season in my game is 2 weeks (which I’ve divided into 4 quarters). 3-4 days in game does not seem like a lot of time to offset 150,000 simoleons, but maybe it is.

I have no control over Brett or Britany or anyone else outside the household.


  • Yimiki
    September 20, 2023 at 9:53 pm

    Leave it to Asher to wholeheartedly believe that he himself is a gift to humanity 😂 Ah, and in the financial department he wants to have his cake and eat it too, as well. I wonder if he’ll pull it off without help, or if things would crash and burn spectacularly?

    Oooh, is Adelise…? Yes! She is! My goodness, it’s a good thing that they never seem to tire of child raising. 19 children is a lot 😆

    • Haneul
      September 25, 2023 at 12:34 am

      Thanks for the comment. 19 children is a lot, but they’ve been spaced out so maybe it’s not as overwhelming as it seems.

      Asher… he’s given up some “cake” but not all. He can’t thoughtlessly throw money in the fire like he used to do. Asking for help might also be a good thing for him.

      • Yimiki
        September 25, 2023 at 11:21 pm

        Haha, when you have eternity to take it slow, 19 children does become much easier to manage, I bet 😁 Do Asher and Adelise have any great-grandchildren at this stage?

        • Haneul
          September 26, 2023 at 7:01 am

          Yes, they have great-great-great-grandchildren. 🙂 I am actually concerned that the in-game family tree is going to break. For practical reasons, unless descendants have the name Fier, I tend to ignore them because there’s too many and not enough Sims in general.


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