Happy Birthday Elmire!

Elmire was finally becoming a teenager. On a scale of one hundred percent hyped to hammering-heart-in-chest horrified, she was happy (but also slightly horrified).

Her family was throwing her a small birthday party at home. The decorations were great, but why did her father put up five thousand photos of her? NONE or just one would have been much better.

Regardless, she had big plans for being a teen even when she was being “realistic” and the chance of everything working out was slim to none (which was slightly horrifying) but she was going to try her best and what would happen would happen… First, she wanted to make friends at her new school, join a music or dance club there, hang out with her friends outside of school, go to prom, get good perfect grades, write music, continue studying the piano inside and outside of school, stay healthy, exercise, kiss someone, learn other keyboard instruments like the organ or carillon, enjoy vacations with her family, win an award, ride a horse, drink nectar…

At her party, everyone had fun.

They sang “Happy Birthday.” She blew out her candles.

Calanthe was a little sad to see her baby sister growing up (and took it the hardest), but she didn’t want to bring down the mood so she made sure to properly celebrate too.

Personally, Elmire felt almost the same as she had when she’d been a child. Not much had changed. As a teen, she’d probably be a little stretched, trying new things and stepping out of her comfort zone, but not stretched too thin.

Her parents gifted her a keyboard and wouldn’t stop gushing about how much they adored her, which was embarrassing, but while she had their attention and goodwill she decided to press some issues about her current interests and potential career.

She started with her father, but needed a break for cake before moving on to her mother.

Elmire: Now that I’m an adul—now that I’m older, I can license my songs? I’ve worked really hard on them. Everyone says that the songs are ready. I’m also ready.

Adelise: Okay, but prioritize being a teenager and doing things that only teens can do. When you’re an adult, you’ll have time for a career.

Elmire: I get that, but I like music now and I already have a management company and there are child actors who are fine and I’m still going to normal school and everything…

Adelise: Okay.

In elementary school, some teachers had strongly requested that Elmire not play the piano at school events because it supposedly discouraged the other kids, which had seemed unfair and honestly had hurt her feelings—why were others her age encouraged while her playing was restricted? To make up for it, she’d had a couple special performances (but not at school) and her parents, teachers, and management company nominated her to participate in a program about musical teens. Her interview for that program would be taped soon. At least no one was against that.

For some reason…

(Asher burnt money in the past)

The Fiers did not have as many liquid assets as they needed for their plans: a second home, a cafe, Deli’s wedding (assuming she wanted to get married), five walk-in safes stuffed wall-to-wall with cash, further renovations of this home (including installing stables for Midnight and Noon), etc.

Of course, Asher refused to cut back on anything. He thought he might need to stall and stagger things a tiny bit while raising the necessary funds. But, in his opinion, he was a genius who could raise a few million in no time at all. There was no reason to worry even if their bills were to reach 100,000 simoleons/week.

So he was going to chill, enjoy the snow, and not worry.

The stables, renovated greenhouse, and basement bathroom:

Extra (Video meme): Elmire’s high school’s colors were blue and golden yellow. Most students wore and would continue wearing uniform #1, which Elmire would also wear, but #2-#4 had potential and were approved. Her friends voted for #1 and #4. Thoughts?


  • Yimiki
    August 24, 2023 at 6:54 pm

    Happy birthday, Elmire! Haha, the many pictures of her made me laugh. As did her exaggeration of their actual number 😂 She’s a beautiful teen! All of Asher and Adelise’s children are, really.

    LOL I love that Asher is actually running out of money. That’ll teach you to burn it in piles, ye doofus! 🤣 doesn’t seem like anything has been taught at all though, lol. Oh well. He’ll pull it off like he always does. And nothing of value will be learnt 😆

    I see you’ve got Horse Ranch, too! The renovations look amazing ^^

    • Haneul
      September 1, 2023 at 1:53 am

      Thanks so much for the comment! Haha, I don’t know if Asher will learn any lessons, except to burn a little less money.


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