Fearlessly Blooming (Part 2/2)

Adelise left the music room to check on their daughters.

Emboldened by his success with poetry, Asher felt the urge to experiment with rap. Confidence rushing through his veins, he reveled in the thought of weaving words together in a flurry of rhythms and rhymes that he could later perform for his family.

He turned on some beats, and as he stood before the mic, let the rhythm take hold of him.

Listen up, I'm a vampire, don't be trippin'
Got a beautiful red-haired wife, our love's never slippin'
San Myshuno's our turf, our crib's off the chain
Music room's elegant, with blue walls, it's insane

Soft candlelight, piano's quiet for now
Just finished spittin' some love poetry, and I vow
To keep my wife by my side, she's my ride or die
Her beauty so rare, it could make penguins fly HIGH
My daughters are brilliant, one's got piano skills so tight
Another's a little cherub, always happy and bright
I'm a vampire, my wife's my queen
Together we're unstoppable, love like you've never seen

While Asher was practicing his rhymes, upstairs Elmire was enchanting Ennik with epic tales of her own.

Listen well, my dear Ennik, for I have a tale to share
Of a journey I once took, to defeat an evil affair.
With our father, a vampire like you, and animals too,
We set out on a quest, to save our kingdom anew.

From San Myshuno we journeyed, through lands far and wide.
With courage and determination, we faced every stride.
Through deserts and dark forests, we pressed on with all our might.
Our love for our kingdom, made every step feel so right.
Of all my loves, the piano's melody is dear.
It's notes can heal and calm, or strike fear.
With my playing skills and magic, I had a plan
To use the music as a weapon, to defeat our evil man.

I played a tune, with rhythm and might
As our animals joined in the fight
With each note, our enemy grew weaker
Until we vanquished him, and our kingdom was set free,
Thanks to the power of love, and music's victory.

Ennik loved it!

Ennik: Now, please my part. The part with me. My one! ❤

But that was it. There was no part with Ennik in it.

Elmire: But there’s—we need to make your part together. Are you ready?

Elmire suggested that they head to the music room. Once there, Elmire turned on the room’s special effects system to make everything more exciting.

As Elmire’s fingers danced across the keys, she crafted their story and told it to Ennik. Ennik’s joyful enthusiasm inspired her and the tale was further animated by Cocoa’s powerful and playful voice.

Ennik, my little sister, I see the courage in your eyes.
You too can join us on this adventure, to help us rise.
Come with us on this journey, and you'll see
The wonders of the world, and how strong we can be.

So come, dear Ennik, let's embark on this quest
With love and bravery, we'll face any test
And when we return, we'll be stronger than before
With memories to cherish, forevermore.
With your vampire powers and my piano's melody
We'll defeat any foe, and make our kingdom free
As I strike the keys of the piano with all my skill,
You unleash your powers, giving us a thrill.

Together, we'll create a melody that's true and bright,
Defeating the evil, and restoring peace with all our might.

Elmire turned up the room’s effects, and they continued playing. She expected that her life would become hectic after she became a teenager (because then she would release her compositions, debut, and have more opportunities because others would stop thinking of her as just a child). However, she vowed to still make time for Ennik.

Elmire and Ennik play together with toys. They imagine chariots, pirate ships, and unicorns.


  • Yimiki
    March 1, 2023 at 8:46 pm

    [Emboldened by his success with poetry, Asher felt the urge to experiment with rap.] 😂🤣 I don’t know why that sentence made me snort out loud, but it did. You do you, Asher. You do you. It’s kind of a shame that none of his family members heard that, both because it’s amusing and because there’s nothing but lovely compliments and praise in there.

    Aww, Elmire and Ennik are adorable. I bet that their co-story in the music room, with those beautiful effects and Elmire playing the piano in the background, is going to become a precious memory for both of them. Hopefully they won’t grow apart as they age. Elmire already has such a strong personality as a child – I wonder what Ennik will grow up to be, and if they’ll still be as close then as they are now.

    • Haneul
      March 3, 2023 at 2:08 pm

      Thanks again. I’m glad you enjoyed his rap. It’s full of compliments, but I imagined that if Deli saw that, she would be embarrassed and ask him to stop. But maybe not. My Sims react positively to 90% of performances, and his attitude was sweet. Oh well – maybe at a much later time, someone will see. 🙂 I don’t intend to have this kind of chapter again, but maybe Asher can seize a moment.


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