Fearlessly Blooming (Part 1/2)

Flowers were a reminder of life’s fleeting nature—a truth that hit home all the more for Delmarya because she was still struggling to reconcile her immortality with the ephemerality of the world around her. Ironically, arranging flowers had become a therapeutic way for her to embrace the captivating grace of life’s impermanence and imperfections. It inspired her to slow down and appreciate simple pleasures, like the soft scent of a blooming rose or the soothing sound of the ocean tide ebbing and flowing.

It helped that the greenhouse’s warm, sun-kissed ambiance radiated a perpetual summer. Deli luxuriated in her ability to submerge herself in her favorite season year-round.

Also, overachiever that she was, she was always looking for new challenges, and creating intricate arrangements

Deli tosses flowers in the air, trims and catches them before they fall to the table.

with interesting techniques (inspired by her younger sister Dysis)

was just the kind of stimulation she sometimes craved. 

She had fun, but she tossed with precision, never missing her mark.

As her hobby blossomed into a successful side business where single arrangements sold for several thousand simoleons, Deli remained grounded and recognized that she was still several levels away from attaining mastery. Yet, the masterpieces she had already produced were a testament to her dedication to quality and natural talent.

Deli's flower arrangement "Paradise in Pink," made with Birds of Paradise, White Lilies, and Pink Begonias, is of excellent quality and on sale for $5,664. It's a masterpiece.

For her, though, flower arranging was not about attaining mastery or pursuing wealth (Deli thought her family had too much wealth already—the proceeds were for charity), but rather about bringing joy to others and discovering purpose in the act of crafting something beautiful.

Flowers were to be cherished, never wasted, and she poured her heart into nurturing her blooms to ensure they thrived. As she arranged each bloom with care, she was reminded always of the impermanence of all things, and the thought of outliving loved ones weighed heavily on her, but the garden was also a reminder that life goes on. The flowers encouraged her to fearlessly bloom where she’d been planted and to revel in the breathtaking beauty of life, no matter how fleeting it may be. 

Adelise returned from her walk and candidly spoke to Asher. She told him she didn’t want to leave and wanted to be more emotionally open with him.

Of course, he welcomed the news.

Instead of working, Asher consulted a few of his acquaintances for advice on how to be decent. At first, it was confusing.

But he got an idea that he thought would be fun and “emotionally open.”

Early that night, Asher asked Adelise to join him in the music room.

Asher: As you know, I’m an excellent writer… so I wrote some poems for you.

He felt an uncharacteristic twinge of self-consciousness and couldn’t meet her eyes as he prepared to unveil his gesture of love.

His carefully chosen words echoed in his mind as he envisioned the smile he hoped to bring to her lips. She had been only slightly open to romance before, so this was not an opportunity to be missed. He loved grand gestures.

From the third floor window, I saw you stroll,
Red hair ablaze like the winter sun's soul,
But your steps, though graceful, seemed weighed down,
Troubles in your mind, sorrows to drown.

I wished to hold you close and tight,
To ease your burdens and make them light.
But I knew that wasn't what you needed,
So I stayed back, my love defeated.

I know I hurt you, my dear heart,
And fear my best won't be enough to restart.
But I promise to always try
To make amends and never lie.

I prayed that you would find your peace,
And that your worries would soon cease,
For you're the one I truly adore,
My love for you, forevermore.

So walk with grace, my dear, my love,
And know that you are always enough,
For in my eyes, you shine so bright,
My beautiful, clever, and strong delight.
And now that you're back with me,
I feel my heart soaring high,
Forgiven for my missteps,
And grateful you didn't say goodbye.

With every word you speak and thought you share,
I am amazed that you're even there.
Your beauty like the rising sun,
I am blessed to be the one.

Your cleverness is beyond compare,
And your love and kindness, always there.
Together we'll walk this path of life,
Through happiness, sadness, joy, and strife.

So let us dance and laugh and sing,
And revel in the love we bring.
For you are the sun that warms my heart,
And I vow to love you, never to part.

Adelise seemed happy. Asher was elated. Although she sometimes found his “extravagance” to be “way too much,” this did not appear to be one of those moments, so he decided to continue with a bit of persuasive poetry.

Asher: Our time in Mt. Komorebi left us dreaming of building a peaceful retreat there. I’m willing to do something simple, but I wonder if I explained my vision clearly. I would like to try again.

Asher: Imagine with me a glistening palace of gold…

She was skeptical.

In Mt. Komorebi's luxurious halls,
A golden pathway gleams and calls,
And there, my love, you walk so fair,
With 357 mirrors that all ensnare.

Each mirror shows your beauty right,
And oh, what a stunning sight!
The way it shimmers and gleams,
In this palace of grandest dreams.

Your ruby locks, like the sun so bright,
Reflect in every angle and light,
A beauty that's truly beyond compare,
In this grand estate so rare.

Though worries of cold may cross your mind,
The marble floors, with warmth enshrined,
Will keep us warm, my dearest wife,
As we glide through this palace life.

With heated floors beneath our feet,
This house in Mt. Komorebi's a treat.
So let us stroll down this hall so grand,
And bask in the warmth of our own land.

Adelise: That’s still not my idea of a peaceful retreat.

Asher: It’s not? Okay, I’ll drop it.

They laughed.

Touched, Adelise hugs Asher.
The couple shares an intimate moment.
Adelise kisses Asher.

On to Part 2.


  • Yimiki
    March 1, 2023 at 8:38 pm

    Deli’s way of looking at the cycle of life is a good one. You can’t choose where your roots are planted and what kind of flower you become – but you can control your own bloom and become the best you that you can be.

    Aww, Asher’s lost points over his arrogance/overconfidence are immediately won back by him trying so hard to be romantic for Adelise. I’m not much for poetry myself but I enjoyed reading these. This chapter is quite different, in a good way. In that third-to-last picture Adelise looks so torn, like she’s still hesitant to put her trust in Asher but is taking the leap again anyway. Don’t ruin it, Asher! Come on! You can do it!

    • Haneul
      March 3, 2023 at 2:00 pm

      Thank you. <3

      Haha - Asher's personality can be grating, but I didn't realize he was getting instant point reductions for his arrogance. He must still come across as obnoxious.

      I was torn about that animation and the last sequence of images too because Adelise's expression isn't clear (it could be sadness? uncertainty? being overwhelmed by positive emotions...), but their moodlets and sentiments were positive.

      • Yimiki
        March 4, 2023 at 3:34 pm

        Haha, to be fair, I deduct points from everyone that brags about their own achievements, because I was raised to value humility 😆 I’m glad you included the last few images! They show such a vulnerable side of her.


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