Nectar Over Necks (Part 1/2)

Asher was so arrogant that he had once humored the ridiculous belief that the sun burnt him because it was jealous of how bright his vampiric beauty shined. Others’ feelings were hard for him to notice, nothing more than faint starlight, lost in the blinding brilliance of his sun-sized arrogance.

Asher in Sulani in the past.

It’s not surprising that he was often at odds with his humble and empathetic daughter, Delmarya (Deli), but Asher thought that he may be able to bond with her over a shared interest in nectar making.

Feeling uncharacteristically mischievous and playful, she decided to approach him.

Deli: I learned something about vampires.

Asher: Really?

Deli: Yes. If vampires don’t want to drink plasma from others, they can eat plasma fruit.

Asher: …

Asher did not understand. He obviously knew about plasma fruit already, so she was saying this because …

Deli: Dad, it’s a joke. You always stress that I should be prepared to bite … If you can remind me about that, I can remind you that plasma fruit exists.

Asher: Okay, no problem, I get it.

Asher: Ha ha ha HA ha?

Deli: …

Asher: I actually understand. I also realize that you’re in the basement because you’re interested in nectar making and you’re interested in nectar making because plasma nectar exists and it’s non-perishable. If something happens to your plasma fruit supply, you’ll have another plan that you can resort to before biting someone, right?

Deli: Yes.

Asher: BUT biting isn’t necessarily bad. It’s similar to receiving a blood do—

Asher: Okay. Anyway, after we master the basics of nectar making, let’s make seven thousand three hundred bottles of plasma nectar for you.

Deli: 7,300?!

Asher: Of course, so if you move out, you’ll have enough.

Deli: When I move out, but I won’t need that many.

Asher: If—it’s fine for you to live here foreverand how about 7,298 if 7,300 is too many?

Deli: Let’s first make a few bottles and see how it goes.

Asher: Okay.

Unfortunately, nectar making wasn’t easy.

It left Deli filthy.

Later, she even fell and ruined a batch.

Theoretically, she was at least two times better than everyone else at nectar making, but her theoretical skills weren’t being expressed in reality. Her “unskilled” mother had produced much better nectar.

UI from the game: "Grape Nectar, Quality: Normal, $231, made by Adelise Fier."
UI from the game: "Grape Nectar, Quality: Poor, $57, made by Delmarya Fier."

This irritated Deli slightly. Why was her human mother, who tired fairly easily, so graceful and good at everything from the beginning?

UI from the game: Everything does not seem to be going Delmarya's way at all lately. It has just been bad news after bad news. People keep saying You never know until you try! But never talk about how it feels after trying something new and it not working out. Delmarya can't take another disappointment; it's terrifying and too painful to try again.

She humored quitting, but did not like this perfectionist part of her personality and knew moving out with a stockpile of plasma nectar would be helpful, so she kept at it. It was far too soon to quit. Her father was bad at it too, but he didn’t care at all.

To Part 2 (click here).


  • Yimiki
    October 12, 2023 at 9:13 pm

    I snorted out loud when I read that first sentence. Oh, Asher. Never change. 🤣 every time I think we’ve reached the ceiling on his self-centered self, he surprises me with something even more outlandish. It’s highly amusing 😂

    Deli and Asher trying so hard to connect despite being polar opposites is heartwarming, if awkward. He might not really understand love, but it’s clear that he loves all of his kids very much.

    The idea of making nectar by stomping around in a bucket of grapes and smushing it with your feet, then drinking it is just…. Nope. Nope. Not for me 😅

    • Haneul
      October 14, 2023 at 6:26 pm

      Thanks! Haha. The ceiling for Asher’s self-worth is shockingly high. I agree with you about nectar. Seems incredibly unappetizing even though the alcohol kills the germs.


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