A Day for Love P2 (Deli)

While Dysis and Rashad were out on their Love Day date, Deli studied. It wasn’t the best way to spend the holiday, but it also wasn’t that bad. Deli enjoyed her work and there was still enough time to do something else.

After most her siblings went to bed, Deli went out to a club in Windenburg because why not? She wanted to meet people, make more friends and maybe even find a boyfriend or a potential boyfriend.

Outside the club, a guy looked friendly enough despite his questionable fashion, so Deli approached him to begin a conversation.

The conversation had possibility, but then her older brother, Barin, showed up. Instead of leaving Deli to it and minding his own business, Barin made things super awkward by obliviously joining in when Deli was trying to flirt. Any possibilities were (at least momentarily) ruined.

Annoyed, she tried to go along with things, but the guy wasn’t into it. It didn’t help that Barin stuck around like glue even after going inside. Still, Deli wasn’t one for confrontation, so she didn’t tell her brother to go away although she truly hoped he would.

Then, another of Deli’s siblings appeared—her eldest sister, Aster. Luckily, Aster wasn’t overprotective or oblivious or whatever Barin was.

Deli complained to her about their brother’s invasive behavior. Aster called him away and politely told him to back off.

Barin’s absence allowed Deli to begin talking to that guy in earnest, but when she did, he just turned and left.

That was the last straw. By then, Deli was over being at the club.

It wasn’t her scene anyway. But the night was still young, so she wasn’t ready to home—she was ready to do more Deli-like things, though, which basically meant going to do work.

While surveying Sulani’s wild life and gathering ocean samples, Deli ran into Cabe. The last time she ran into Cabe, for no reason whatsoever, he insulted her, telling her she was unpleasantly thin (basically ugly) and needed to change.

Pretending that nothing odd had happened between them, Cabe greeted Deli warmly. He was sweet, funny, and since Deli really liked him she floated the idea of them going out to eat, but she was so nervous about it at first that she couldn’t look him in the face as talked about food.

But since he was being sweet and she was wearing baggy clothes that covered her thin frame, she gained confidence, especially as Cabe seemed receptive. Deli reasoned that maybe Cabe’s rudeness before had been due to a combination of a him having a bad day with him expressing his desire to go out to eat with her in a weird, awkward way. But probably not. Maybe Cabe simply had a cruel side? She didn’t know, but she really wanted to give Cabe another chance.

He invited her inside and they agreed that they should go get some food and later, on some other day, hang out on the beach in the sun. So Deli had two things to look forward to?

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