A Park Outing & a Secret Date

On an unfortunately overcast day, Asher, Adelise and a few of their children still living at home traveled to the park to spend time with two of Asher’s eldest daughters, Cora and Chelsea. Both had been born and raised in Sulani. Both had since moved, and both were now elders. As immortals, Asher and Adelise Fier had children who were physically older than them, but it wasn’t exactly a “problem” that could be solved. It was just the way of things.

Cora, though, was far from a stereotypical elder. She was active. She wore short shorts and didn’t care because she wasn’t going to waste time wearing things that were uncomfortable or that she didn’t care for. Cora also had flawless, wrinkle-free skin, and looked like a young adult who dyed her hair gray (genetics were very odd in this family).

At any rate, Dysis had become preoccupied with chess. She thought it would help her, albeit indirectly, with her business career by forcing her to think in new ways. She also greatly preferred playing with her boyfriend, Rashad, because he was easy to defeat, unlike her father or older sisters.

Deli spent time with Dyna, helping with her assignments and soccer practice.

After being defeated one too many times, Rashad asked Dysis to abandon the park and abscond to the nearby dessert cafe on a mini-date. She agreed.

She ordered ice cream. He ordered a fruit parfait. Rashad loved his fruit parfait. It was delicious, but he didn’t love it as much as he loved Dysis, so despite its absolute deliciousness and his desire to scarf it down in a second, he tried to act the part of the perfect gentlemen in front of her.

But when she got up to go to the ladies’ room, he could resist no longer. He inhaled the parfait, finishing it before she made it 20 feet away.

As she returned, he was struck by how much he adored her, and he told her as much when the waiter came to clear their plates.


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  • sims_Yimi
    December 20, 2021 at 7:23 pm

    Naww. Rashad and Dysis are such a sweet couple. Dysis choosing to play against him instead of tougher opponents because he was easier to defeat made me chuckle. Though there’s something to be said for not jumping into the deep end right away, and I bet her father and older siblings are quite the mountain to climb when you’re not that good at chess yet 😂 Asher also doesn’t strike me as the type to go easy on her to teach her new strategies. But I might have him pegged all wrong.


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