It’s My Birthday; I Can Start to Do What I Like

Elmire imagined that she had used her own wings and her mother’s magic to return from vacationing in Granite Falls instead of returning in the boring way that they had.

Still, Elmire, her mother and most of the other Fiers returned from Granite Falls happy, even if they were exhausted. Back at home, they did the usual. Dysis worked on becoming a master logician, figuratively expanding her brain to massive proportions. Normally, to accomplish this she opted for studying chess, but this time she decided on something less tactile, more imaginative, and read a philosophical text on logic.

Before anyone was really prepared for it and just as the Fiers had become used to Elmire running around the family’s large home with the chaotic energy of a toddler instead of her being a baby, it was her birthday.

On her birthday, she wanted two things and neither were typical gifts.

First, she wanted a hug from one of her nicest sisters, Deli. Of course, Deli obliged her.

She decided to mention the second thing a little later as it would require some thought.

Her family threw her a very small party at home, and her father offered to help with blowing out the candles. The small flames excited her, but she honestly wasn’t that interested in the cake or the toys that her family sent in the mail or gifted her at her party.

Happy birthday, Elmire! You’re not a baby anymore.

Elmire Fier as a child. Courtesy of Artbreeder and Photoshop.

The Fiers enjoyed various games: chess, cards, and others. After numerous rounds of MySims Go! during which the birthday girl won several times and almost everyone else (sorry Adelise) won once, Asher momentarily disappeared to his office to do a little work.

Elmire didn’t want to play anymore, so Darius began talking to his youngest sister about random stuff, which made Elmire feel incredibly grown up. When Darius mentioned the guitar in the midst of their conversation—Music?—Elmire’s eyes immediately lit up.

The absolute beyond-a-doubt best thing about her birthday was that she was now big enough to play most adult-sized instruments. She was beyond stoked. She imagined giving soundtracks to the stories of her toddlerhood, telling new tales and going on all the adventures she wanted to through music. But she wasn’t sure where to start. Should she ask for a violin, a piano, or something else?

Darius continued talking about the guitar and his studies of music as a fine art student at a university while Deli played an actual guitar in the background to complete the atmosphere.

Darius: Once you study a large body of music, you’ll be able to hear, understand, and express things you couldn’t before. It’ll be magical.

Elmire: Oh, wow! 🙂

Elmire listened carefully to everything he said. University courses were beyond her skill level, but her father had lectured her on abstract structures in math and matrix decompositions when she had barely understood anything at all, so Elmire, completely unfazed, happily took in what she could from her brother and ignored the rest. Apparently, you could become a magician through music? She didn’t think so, but she’d have to investigate the issue further.

Without prompting, she tried singing. Her ears told her that her singing voice was not right at all, but whatever—singing was fun and her siblings humored her.

Later, maybe she could study like her brother and improve her singing.

Unfortunately, it was getting late and she was tired, so before she could ask Darius the 927 questions she had for him about music, her father whisked her off to bed, tucking her in. Elmire fell asleep almost immediately. She dreamt of magical guitars, gayageums, violins, organs, carillons and pianos.

Asher was happy. His youngest “genius” was growing up well. She had become a top-notch toddler quickly and with ease, and there was little limit to what she could become as a child or adult.

Earlier during the day, Dawn had visited to celebrate her sister’s birthday. Similar to how Elmire had questions for Darius, Rashad, Dysis’ fiancé, had questions for Dawn. Were there any dishes that she craved now? Was it difficult to source the ingredients for them? Should someone get planning on that type of thing early? No? Was she sure? Really? How did she like her food prepared?

Also, what did she do to relax and stay de-stressed? Did music help? What kind of music? Did the speakers matter? Was he asking too many questions? He was sorry if he was asking too many questions… Dawn found him annoying and cute at the same time.

It was hard to say why exactly Rashad had become obsessed with Dawn, but she had just revealed a surprise of her own.

She was pregnant!

Note: I have no control over Rashad or Dawn.


  • sims_Yimi
    January 16, 2022 at 3:57 pm

    Kid Elmire looks gorgeous! All of Asher and Adelise’s kids are incredibly good-looking. Don’t tell Asher I said that. Yeeeees she absolutely sounds like a performer in the making! I very much recognise that excitement to tell stories and add what you can to make them better, whether it’s through text, visuals or music. Elmire has an artistic spirit for sure. 😁

    Oooh and congratulations for Dawn!

    • Haneul
      January 17, 2022 at 7:23 pm

      Thanks! She’s just a little kid, so we’ll see about her becoming a performer in the future, but it’s definitely in consideration. And since she’s so little, I also want people to feel her joy and excitement. So this comment makes me particularly happy.

  • Snow ~
    February 16, 2022 at 12:59 am

    Happy birthday Elmire! It’ll be interesting to see where she goes. Also I am so excited for the new lil baby! : 3


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