Potty Training and Sickeningly Saccharine Lines

Asher had been working with his youngest daughter, Elmire, trying to teach her everything: logic, the basics of communication, how to use her imagination effectively, movement, music…

He was currently working with her on potty skills, which he didn’t enjoy (but it was something fundamental she needed to master).

Elmire had just about had enough of him. She was an independent baby, with her own plans. She wanted to play with her doll house, listen to music and climb the stairs a thousand times. In her opinion, this was a waste of time—she had a diaper that she could use instead of doing this.

Meanwhile, Deli’s crush Cabe called to ask her younger sister, Dyna, to come over and hang out at his house as a date. The townie had been creeping on Dyna since he first saw her. Apparently, she was his type, but she refused because he was a mean asshole.

In the music room, Dysis and Rashad exchanged love poems. Dysis wasn’t especially creative, even though she was genuine and well-intentioned, so her lines were repetitive, but earnest—I want you you you you~, just only you you you you~…

At Dysis’ words, Rashad, an unwavering romantic, felt free to unleash the corniest, sweetest lines he could think of.

When I see you, there’s a spark! in my heart

I don’t even realize that times flow

Everywhere, every second, I think of you

I’ll give you my everything

Surely you’re my destiny

Because I feel our future shining so brightly in my heart

Even just imagining it is so sweet

This must be what thrill feels like …

These two are honestly so sickeningly sweet all the time. Rashad took a lot of his inspiration from a song titled, “Heart Attack” by Chuu.

ANYWAY, Elmire had Asher a bit stressed out, so his wife, Adelise, offered him a massage.

Then, to continue reliving stress, he kicked a ball around indoors with Dyna, with no care about breaking anything.

Adelise spoke with Elmire, asking her to please not yell at her father. Elmire agreed that yelling was not nice and she wouldn’t yell anymore.

But also, NO THANK YOU to learning more animals’ names and other words right now.

As for the only son in the house, Darius, he’d been spending a lot of time with Dawn and they’d been quite productive: cooking, conducting research, meditating, etc.

His grades for the semester came in and they were all A+s, but he still loved to take the occasional selfie for Simstagram.


  • sims_Yimi
    December 30, 2021 at 4:08 pm

    Haha, looks like Asher has got himself a determined toddler! Mine always get cranky when I try to do too many things with them, too.

    YES DYNA REJECT THE MOULDY POTATO! My gods I’ve got such a bone to pick with Cabe already from how he treated Deli, and now he’s going after Dyna? Psch. Go bark up a shorter tree, Cabe. None of the Fier girls are in your league.

    Rashad and Dysis are cute as always. I can imagine their surroundings rolling their eyes at their sweetness but I think it’s adorable that they’re so mad for each other.

    • Haneul
      January 1, 2022 at 5:10 pm

      Haha, yes – Elmire rolled “independent” as her trait, so she is quick to get angry and reject help, which is a little annoying but she’s capable enough on her own and still having a decent toddlerhood. And Cabe likes Dyna and is always approaching or calling her, but I just hang up for her…

  • Snow ~
    January 18, 2022 at 12:36 am

    Asher is getting there, sort of. ‘All of my kids are wonderful and have potential, but they’d be much better if I did as I told them.’ Baby steps, I guess : P Glitch or not, Asher probably would read a uni textbook to a toddler and consider it ‘giving them a head-start’! Also Deli and Zach would be good together. Not with that other melt who’s always mean to her. Also Zach is nice to her and doesn’t care that she’s a vampire. Also Brett is adorable ;-; Maybe moving to the islands would be good for her. Plus less work travel! Two birds one stone! And throw another stone at Cabe for fun.
    I laughed so much at the bit with Elmire getting annoyed with potty training. ‘Why do I need to use this? I can go WHEREVER I FEEL LIKE IT with my nappy on and I never want it to be any different!’ As much as the Fiers love playing football inside, I can imagine if something in there gets broken Asher would not be happy. Everything in that house looks incredibly expensive XD

    • Haneul
      January 18, 2022 at 8:06 pm

      Thanks for the comment and you’re right – I think Asher would read university texts to his toddlers on purpose to give them a head-start. ^^; He needs to calm down. Anyway, I’m glad you like Zach, and the idea of throwing stones at Cabe isn’t bad either…

      Interesting, but I’m not sure if Asher would care if something expensive broke while they played around inside. He enjoys being wealthy and part of that is not worrying if something expensive is destroyed (as long as it’s not sentimental and wastefulness aside) because he has money, he can just buy it again, and I feel like he would enjoy acknowledging that he’s so rich, he doesn’t have to care. Burn the house down – whatever – he’d just get a new one (but please leave the pictures and other keepsakes alone).


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